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03-17-06, 02:58 PM
This has been sitting in front of this house for some months now. I finally got around to taking a couple pics today. Pretty nice! That IS a "series 60" right?

03-17-06, 03:18 PM
Ohhh thats pretty nice, but I dont like that style of roof/rear window. Is it for sale?

03-17-06, 03:40 PM
that car gives me a rod!


03-17-06, 04:21 PM
Hell yes, I LIKE it!

03-17-06, 04:26 PM
Wow, that thing looks all original , and in cherry condition. There's a very old white Cadillac, very similar to that one, that's always parked in front of a local car wash. The guy only drives it when the weather is warm and nice. I need to remember to snap some pics of it one day.

03-18-06, 01:22 AM
That car is a work of freakin' art.
Do you know who owns it?


03-18-06, 07:26 AM
OMG, it goes soooo purr-fect parked in front of that house! That picture is so purty, it could be the cover of a Hallmark Greeting Card, it's faultless!

I believe that you could win a prize with the 2nd (or lower) picture of the two. The car is very UNusual in the Red color. It was available, but few were ordered in the bright red. I wonder if it's original or a repaint?

03-18-06, 11:20 AM
What a DreamLiner that thing is..... sweet.

One of my Dad's neighbors up here has a 63 Coupe De Ville, frame off restoration, fabulous... I'll try and get some pics when he gets it out in summer.

03-18-06, 11:39 AM
Oh yeah, I like the flattops. I think every GM brand copied that in 1960-61.

They made "bubble tops" too. The rear glass went up over your head in the back seat.

03-18-06, 11:41 AM
Car Porn

Night Wolf
03-18-06, 11:48 AM
Yeah, that looks to be a Seires 60.... DeVilles had a Coupe/Sedan DeVille badge on the rear quater... but the Series 60 had a crest badge at the end of the fenders... I don't see it on that one.

That is the 4-window hardtop... or a flat top.... with the wrap around rear window... a very nice looking car... I actually like the flat top Sedans more then the 6-window hardtop.... "fast back"

03-18-06, 12:54 PM
Now that's a beautiful piece of machinery

03-18-06, 02:59 PM
I~love, I assume it's not for sale, there is no sign on it & it's parked up the drive (as you can see), not out by the road.

Tom, I have no idea who owns it. It just showed up parked there 5 or 6 months ago... http://board.moparts.org/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shruggy.gif

Sandy, the paint seems original, but may be an old re-paint. Kinda hard to determine, being parked about 75 feet from the road. I kinda wish there were not as many trees as, IMHO, the shadow across the car really kills that pic.

It's near, but not in, a little old "post-card" town called Crosswicks (there was a revolutionary battle fought there & the church in town is said to still have a British cannon ball (or 2) in the wall, shot from where that pic was taken).

I figured it's a 60 Series; the DeVille is a sedan & this is a 4-door hard top. It certainly IS a pretty picture given the area, the house & even the neighbor's houses. Maybe next time I'm passing by I'll get a pic from further back off the road, so you can all see the area.

Night Wolf
03-18-06, 04:49 PM
Both Series 60 and DeVille were offered in 4 or 6-window Sedan, Coupe, and convertible.

The only way to tell from that picture, would be a DeVille badge on the back, which it dosn't have... But it also dosn't have the crest badge that the Series 60 had.... I think the hub caps may have been different too, tho I don't know the different styles off hand.