: Stock Navi in 02, Why not??

03-17-06, 06:19 AM
My question is why wont a stock navigation system from a 03 escalade work in a 2002?? I really would like to get the stock system for my 02, but would like to know why it wont work... Is it simply a fit issue?? or is there more too it than that?

03-17-06, 06:50 AM
'03 and newer models got a new wiring system throughout, new stereo units that are larger, new climate controls, new gauges, etc.

Basically, the size difference alone of the dash units is reason #1 why it won't work. Then, beyond that, the different wiring also prevents it, particularly when dealing with a Nav.

For an '02 or earlier, your best bet is a quality aftermarket system, as nothing OEM is going to work without some serious mods.

Actually, now that I think of it, I did know a person with an '02 Avalanche who modified his dash and also some wiring to make a new 6-CD unit out of an '03 fit, and it worked, but took some time to do. With a Nav, you have to take into account things like the voice prompts, extra controls, etc., which is what causes the issue.

03-17-06, 07:41 AM

Even if you can somehow fit a factory nav in an 02 Dash, it still wouldn't work. The NAV radio has to be programmed with the vin number to your cars computer. In 02, it wasn't an option. It's a totally different computer.

Also, the BOSE amp is an older amp that wouldn't support it. The plug is different for the radio as well.

I bought a 2003 Escalade that didn't have nav and installed a touch screen from an 06 GMC Denali. I just had the dealer program it and it works perfect.

03-17-06, 04:10 PM
The 03's and up work on a DATA II bus computer, the 02's and older don't have this computer system, hence your problem. Even if you modify your DIN and a half to a Double DIN opening the NAV unit will not be able to communicate withe your computer. Sorry.

03-17-06, 06:42 PM
Yep, just like I said. Your choices are aftermarket or get a new truck...:)