: V-series of the year?

03-17-06, 01:25 AM
Out of the 3 V-series - CTS-V, STS-V, and XLR-V - which gets your vote as the best V-series of 2006?

03-25-06, 08:44 AM
ETC-V wasn't one of the choices??? Oh yeah, they quit making Eldorados.... (reaches for another Prozac, muttering softly to himself...)

Give me an XLR-V. Close second is the CTS-V.

03-27-06, 01:07 PM
As nice as the STS V and CTS-V is, im going to hav eto go with the XLR... Not many cars excite me like that car.

03-30-06, 03:16 AM
XLR-V. The CTS-V is a nice value and has aftermarket, but it's just not as good as the other 2 out of the box. Plus it's had the title for 2 years running. The STS-V is great as well, but the XLR just outshines any sedan.