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03-14-06, 01:29 PM
I run an ebay consignment store and just had a gentleman ask me to list his 1957 2 door fleetwood for him. I then proceeded to search for information on the internet about this car to make my listing have more details and to thoroughly represent this beautiful car and to my suprise, I can't find anything. All the information is about the 4 door sedan but this is a 2 door. The owner states that there were only 263 of these cars made in '57 so maybe that has something to do with it. I was just hoping someone on here could point me in the right direction to find out accurate info on this exact car. I would appreciate any information anyone has! Thank you very much!

03-14-06, 01:40 PM
Check here: http://100megsfree4.com/cadillac/cad1950/cad57e.htm

03-14-06, 01:48 PM
Thank you very much. That link brought up a page on the 1957 Eldorado...is that the same as the Fleetwood? Please forgive me if I sound ignorant, but this is a learning experience for me.

03-15-06, 03:14 PM
Are you sure on the year? Judging by the headlights, it looks more like a '58. Do you have pictures of the rear?

It could actually be a Series 62 / Coupe DeVille.

03-16-06, 04:22 PM
The grille looks like a 58 to me too,the bars in the grille are horizontal, the bars on the 57 are angled upward. (the bars that look like they have rubber bumo pada on them).

03-16-06, 04:33 PM
FYI, I copied your thread to here

maybe you can get other input there
good luck, what a sweet ride!!

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03-16-06, 04:50 PM
Further to my last thread, the model addison 11 reffered to is a eldorado
baritz,completly different from the 1957 fleetwood, I looked in one of my books, I didn't have a front end picture of the car for 57, but the 58 looks
like the fleetwood, I would bet the 57 is the same.
Well!!! I had another look in book, and now I think it is a 58, the 58 deville and fleetwood have the same grille.those thick chrome bars in grille on the 57
angle up , in the 58 they are straight across (like the grille in the original picture) the bars that look like they have rubber bump pads on them.

03-16-06, 05:36 PM
hello again,this definetly a 1958, maybe he bought it in fall of 1957 and now thinks it is a 1957. in 1958 there were 18,736 coupes made under body style 6237(x) at $4784.00 and 18,414 under body style 6237(dx) at $5231.00.
the fleetwood is a superior model to deville, so it's probably the dx model.
the first two numbers of the serial number designate the year of car .
let me know if this helps.(58G62 and 58J62).

03-17-06, 06:54 AM
Creeker, does your book mention a Fleetwood coupe? I'm not sure if they existed that year.

The 6237(x) could denote the Series 62 Coupe, while the 6237 (dx) could be the Coupe DeVille. The Devilles were superior models to the Series 62s, although their appearances were very similar.

03-17-06, 10:21 AM
your right, the name fleetwood has caused all the confusion here, there isn't
a fleetwood coupe shown for that year,theres a series 60 special
series 70,and series 75 all under the fleetwood name.it makes sense that the
model shown as 58J62 6237DX 2-drcpeDeV6P is the deville.I didn't know there was a model,(62) which is lesser than the deville.another thing that denotes as a 58 is the chrome strip on top of the front fenders,1957 did not have this chrome strip.

03-17-06, 01:30 PM
Well, I posted these pictures on the other thread, but it seems like I'm getting more information on this one. These are the other pictures I have of this car. So does this mean this guy has no idea what exactly he has? lol I'm glad I posted this BEFORE I listed this car on ebay. I would have looked like a total fool. Thank you for ALL of your input on this. I hope these other pictures help even more.:worship:

03-17-06, 02:34 PM
fyi,I looked from 1946 to 1975, caddy did not make a fleetwood coupe,they made a eldorado coupe, which has nothing to do with a fleetwood.(they made one fleetwood coupe in 1949, special order).did you have any luck with serial #, as I had in my last posting, also chrome strip on top of front fenders in 1958 ,but not in 1957.pls. let me know, I dont know if you are reading my info.directly. Creeker

03-17-06, 02:38 PM
At the moment, I have no access to the vin number or any numbers on this car for that matter. I guess I'm going to have to get ahold of the owner (which is quite difficult) and get some more info on it. You have been great help tho, and I really appreciate it.:thumbsup:

03-17-06, 02:51 PM
You can find serial # on the center of the motor, on the left hand side, just above oil pan. the left side is as if you were sitting in the car.
does it have chrome strips on top of front fenders?.

03-17-06, 02:55 PM
It has a chrome strip that starts at the front of the car and ends at the middle of the door as you can see in my first set of pictures. Liek I said before, I run an eBay consignment store and all I know about this car is what the owner has told me and what I can see from the pictures I took of it.

03-17-06, 03:12 PM
No ,I didn't mean those strips, the things that set it apart from the the 57
are the horizontal chrome bars in the grille (58) and the upturned chrome bars in the grille(57) and the chrome strips ON TOP of the fenders. this has got me curious too, I will leave you alone after this, pls, just let me know about the chrome strips on top of fender. For sure it's a 58.

03-17-06, 03:17 PM
Based on the pictures you posted, you have a 1958 Series 62 hardtop coupe. Whether it is in DeVille trim I can't tell from the pictures, but the difference between the two lies in the interior (a bit more upscale on the DeVille) and some extra exterior brightwork and badging for the DeVille. Whichever, there is no such animal as a regular production 1958 Fleetwood coupe. (Although, back then, for enough money, GM would build you anything you wanted!)

Good luck!


03-17-06, 03:34 PM
Hi, just for your interest, I checked from 1946 to 1975, your right they never did put out a fleetwood coupe, except for one in 1949.

03-19-06, 08:48 AM
The main clue that this is a '58 is the dual headlights first year for all GM dual headlight autos.