: I Hate Best Buy

03-16-06, 06:49 AM
We got a chain of appliance / stereo / computer / small appliance stores on the East Coast called "Best Buy". When I drive by there, I always say "Worst Buy". They are, without a doubt THE single worst retailer there is. The sales personal know very little about the product they are representing, and the retail store has no idea what goes on (or doesn'tgo on) in the shipping department. Last Summer, I actually spent the entire Summer waiting for an air contitioner that they had "on sale" ~ I went to the store & bought it. They arranged the delivery date 3 weeks from the date I bought it. On THE actual delivery date, at 9:30AM I was called & informed that it would not be delivered that day, and I should call another number to arrange a new delivery date. I was given no reason as to why it wasn't gonna be delivered. I called the other number. They gave me a delivery date of 3 weeks later. I wait. 3 weeks goes by. It's delivery day. At 9:45 AM I am called & told that they are out of stock on that A/C.
I go to a next closest Best Buy. They have the A/C in stock on the shelf. They make a call & verify that I have paid for it, and it's okay to ship. I am promised delivery in 7 days. On the morning of the 7th day, at 8:10AM the phone rings. It's Best Buy. There's been a delay! My A/C will go out next week, exactly 7 days later. On the day of delivery, I am home (once again) waiting...at 4PM they call. Warehouse is outta stock, & will not be getting any more and they will credit my credit card for the full amount. (Which they did)
I then went to a competitor. A nice NON chain, individual family owned neighborhood store & found the same air conditioner ON SALE, for $15.00 less, than Worst Buy AND WITH FREE delivery. I bought it and it was delivered 2 days later. Myself & a neighbor installed it.

I made a complaint against BB with the Better Business Bureau and called their home office & complained . The store is the ultimate RIP OFF. In total, I waited 8 weeks for a delivery that never happened, then bought it locally at a family owned single point store for $15.00 less than Best Buy and had it IN MY WINDOW in 2 days.
Now, get this >> 4 days later, the owner of that small store CALLS me to ask IF I am satisfied and IF the A/C is working for me and to say Thanks for the purchase! A concept waaay over Worst Buy's comprehension!
Anybody got Costco out there? They're another rat hole, for another time & place........

03-16-06, 07:20 AM
I then went to a competitor. A nice NON chain, individual family owned neighborhood store & found the same air conditioner ON SALE, for $15.00 less, than Worst Buy AND WITH FREE delivery. I bought it and it was delivered 2 days later. Myself & a neighbor installed it.

Cake, meet your icing!!!!

Man, that sounds like a hell of an ordeal. I get the worst service from their car audio department.

Took a Mazda 929 in and had a head unit installed, and asked them to retain the factory harness because its a rare car and parts are impossible to come by. He assured me they would use an adapter.

I hated the HU, had them take it out and put my factory radio back in, and they lost the #$%#$% harness connectors. Instead of using an adapter they just CUT THE WIRES! I called Mazdarecycling.com and a week later I got my harness shipped to me and had music in the car again. Thank goodness for Mazda Recycling, because no local place carried that part, nor did the dealer.

Worst of all, I had to argue with the pointy-headed ***** who installed it and explain to him that he needed to put my old radio back in, and he TOOK MY DAMN HARNESS.

My brother recently bought a CD-MP3 head unit for his G20. They installed it and didnt plug in the auxilary input connector -- that was the whole reason he picked out that particular head unit.

Called them to ask wtf happened. "Oh, we charge extra to install that."

Alright, fine, so where is the plug? "Oh, here it is! Its in the table here. We close in 15 minutes."

Incompetent a**holes.

Now there's a hiss/whine whenever he accelerates or turns on the fan.

Best Buy has a nice selection of DVDs though, but Amazon is better.

03-16-06, 07:55 AM
If you bother to shop around you'll almost always find a better deal at smaller retail stores then you will at Best Buy. If you find a better price, of course Best Buy is always eager to match it.

My biggest complaints about that store is there horrible return policy. It's almost impossible to return anything.

The other gripe I have is the damn sales people who insist they DO NOT work on commission. I bought this lap top from BB and the kid who "sold it to me" spent 5 minutes trying to pimp an extended service plan on me for $175. He kept saying, "If the screen goes out this service plan will pay for itself right there." I told the kid NO the second he started to pitch the service plan, and then had to continue to tell him no every minute until eventually losing patience and raising my voice to get him to let it go.

So the kid who sold me the thing had to get someone else to unlock the case to get the laptop out. The first thing the guy said when he showed up was, "did he talk to you about our extended service plan?" :mad: After going through the whole schpeel again (the don't take no for an answer thing) I finally made it to the checkout counter. Guess what the checkout guy asked me? :confused: I told the guy at the checkout that I had already explained (ad nauseam) to 2 other sales people that I WAS NOT interested in a service plan, and I did not intend to debate it a third time.

Best Buy makes a killing off of these "service plans" because people never use them. The only thing I've ever bought one of those plans for was my SONY multi remote. The remote costs $150 and the plan was reasonable at $12. I broke the first remote, and after some heated discussion in the store they replaced it free of cost.

03-16-06, 08:06 AM
One really has to wonder about places like that. I mean they can't even swindle people correctly. Once you get the customer to buy your POS, then you have to give it to them...

When I was looking for a new tower to put my computer in, I did so off a website, and I found one I liked in black, and ordered it. I received an e-mail the next day telling me they did not have that one in stock and to "please advise." I sent them plenty of advice, much ranting on logical business practice, and that they take the link that says "IN STOCK!!!" off the website...and then told them to send me the "charcoal" one instead. I then got an e-mail that said they were backordered, and it would take at least 3 weeks to get here, also asking if I wanted to place the order. I had already placed the order...and I checked their website again, and the one I originally ordered still said "IN STOCK!!!" and I asked them why... I also mentioned a bunch of other things regarding their customer correspondence that could have resolved the issue in fewer e-mails. In the end, I decided to be patient, and order the original black one that wasn't in stock since I had to wait anyway. I then got an e-mail saying nothing but "we will credit your account." Like WTF... I did everything I could to patronize them, and I was unable to do it! I wish I had enough money to run a business like that...and then...I wouldn't...:rant2:

03-16-06, 08:22 AM
Speaking of Best Buy f**king up car audio installation,

A very loyal customer at the Nissan dealer where I work took his '05 Pathfinder to Best Buy so they would install an XM Satelite (sp?) Radio. When they installed his XM, they disconnected the Air Bag sensor from the factory harness (atleast I think thats what they did) Anyways, the airbag light was on, he came in and had it checked out, and we found out what BB did. So he got it fixed and charged best buy for the ~$900.00 amount and he almost told Best buy just to take the damn XM out and give him his refund!

Very nice guy, he comes in somewhat regularly for maintanence, and we talk Caddys and Lincolns.

That being said, I'll buy my Alpine headunit at best buy, but I sure as s**t wont have them install it!

They do have a good selection of CD's, DVD's and other entertainment devices.

03-16-06, 08:42 AM
Been there, done that with respect to Best Buy. Swore them off years ago mainly due to a computer repair issue that ended up costing me a lot of time and aggrevation but very little money since in the end, I fixed the danm thing myself and DID finally get at least a small refund from the company. I did the complain thing with the Better Business Bureau also, AND did a few online consumer complaint sites. Bottom line, I swore to their zone rep that their piss-poor customer service was going to cost them and it has. I've been spreading the bad word about Best Buy for a long time and I'm sure it's cost them thousands at least. Last year, I sent them a letter to update them on just how much the loss of MY business has cost them. Grand total at that time was over $12,000 between myself and my immediate family. Of course I never got any type of return letter from them. The ONLY thing I'll go and buy from them is loss-leader stuff so I can at least contribute to their red ink.

03-16-06, 11:50 AM
id never go to any chain store to get stereo installed, thats like going to maaco for the ambassador paintjob

03-16-06, 01:28 PM
Thats odd, I have always had good experiences with Best Buy. They promptly got my HDTV perfectly packed and tended to any needs I had. I am not too fond of their return policy, but I have seen worse. I prefer going to Fry's Electronics simply for thier "No questions asked full cash refund".

DopeStar 156
03-16-06, 01:37 PM
Well as far as free delivery, you get what you pay for. Haha. I personally like that store, but I never go in there without knowing exactly what I want so I can leave the employees alone. I prefer to help myself....

Jonas McFeely
03-16-06, 01:46 PM
I bought a Sony Chameleon head unit and kenwood amp there for like $700.Decided i didnt want to spend that kind of money on crap and decided to return it.WOW.It was a huge bitch to return that stuff.They wouldnt give me a cash refund either,took a week or two in the mail.And i needed money for bills. I would never trust them to install anything in my car.I do all my own work.That way i know if i mess something up,and know how to fix it without the hassle.

03-16-06, 01:57 PM
I had my car alarm installed at Best Buy some time ago. The deal was decent, but the ass who did the installation was just that: an ass!

That said, I don't mind them. They were stupid enough to give me credit (which I keep honest) and when my mailman screwed up and made it to where I never recieved their bill for three months in a row, Best Buy was quite helpful in moving the billing date around to accommodate me.

03-16-06, 02:21 PM
Ah, Best Buy's install bay..... Man, the crap i've seen come out of there. Same goes with just about all of them though. Car alarms are usually the worst offenders too, due to the comlpexity of the install (compared to plopping in a headunit with a premade wiring harness) And the fact that they deal with some vital circuits in the car's harness. Not to mention they install them all exactly the same. If you have one with a starter kill, I can almost guarantee something that resembles this: http://www.route66supply.com/store/media/10098.jpg
Is fairly visible under the dash above the pedals floating around the steering column somewhere. Usually theres ovbious messy tangled non factory wires going to it as well. The fun part is if one of those terminals falls off or has a flakey connection, your car doesn't start! Also from a security standpoint, if I can see it, I can get around it. If I just described exactly where yours is, don't you think a thief or two might have spotted the trend as well? And while your under there, usually the control module is in that area as well. Look at the wiring disaster coming out of that thing.

Not to say headunits are much neater either. At least I can say most of the alarm installs i've seen have had some soldering or use of correct butt connectors. Way too many of the headunit installs just get the wires twisted together then taped up. With what they charge, that is completely unacceptable. </end rant>

03-16-06, 03:53 PM
I'm getting a job interview there tomorrow :hide:

Good pay, and an amazing employee discount.

03-16-06, 04:26 PM
i wish theyd let me work in the install bay, id change the perception of it quick fast in a jiffy

03-16-06, 07:49 PM
Gotta love good old Worst Buy. Yeah, my friends and I call it that too around here. I run a tech services business, and it's a running joke between my techs and I about how we are the Geek Squad Cleanup Squad. We probably see 8 or 9 jobs a week which are simply cleaning up the mess they leave a computer in. Whatever it takes to make it work, I guess. I see modems and other devices disabled (turned off) in the device manager, all sorts of crap like that because they won't look for the right device. They also can't configure a network, wireless or otherwise worth crap.

I only go in there in an emergency when I need something NOW and can't order it. It's hard to inventory parts in my business. Hell, I still have some brand new 128, 256, and 512 MB SDR RAM that I have virtually no hope of selling at all, let alone for what I paid for them, so there's $350 out the window. This means that once I'm out of the two or three of a common part, if I absolutely need it now, I have to go there or somewhere like CompUSA for it, though at least I have a business account with CompUSA (Bestbuy doesn't offer it) and ger huge discounts.

Costco is a different animal totally. I like them and I don't like them. It depends on what. I like paying $24 for a case of 6 Mobil1, or $13 for 12 Mobil regular oil, $59 for a battery with 3 year free replacement and 100 month prorated. They are great for ink cartridges and paper supplies too. Laser stuff there is often below my (reseller's) cost too.

I get about $400 back every year for their executive (black card) membership. I don't know if they still pay back for gas though, the lines are annoying usually, even though they have BP gas, I'd rather pay 10 cents more not to sit for 10 minutes.

03-16-06, 09:18 PM
They don't have gas here in N.J. however the do give ME "gas" ~

DopeStar 156
03-16-06, 10:10 PM
See if I was having any kind of car audio or alarm installed, I'd do everything through a custom shop and not a place like Best Buy or Circuit City. There's a place called "Exoticustom" right in my town that does superb work from what my friends have to say. Their specialty is alarms, stereos, etc. I haven't had any kinda need for them at the moment but if I need to I'd go there. I go to Best Buy for CD's, DVD's, and home/personal audio stuff.

03-16-06, 10:43 PM
When i purchased my caddy (2yrs ago), I never would have imagined that my sisters' ex-boyfriend's brother used to drive it (found out 1 year later). He got an alarm installed on it @ best buy aparently. When i popped the dash open underneath, it was like a tornado went through there, wires absolutly EVERYWHERE!!! I do alarm and car-audio installation at my dad's shop and my work wouldn't be even close to what they have done. The brain was tucked underneath the drivers side carpet near the emergency brake pedal!!!! I looked at my dad's caddy, and there is enough room to install a brain for a clarion Auto PC (lots of brains and wires). I also last X-mas went to best buy to a get a rockford P1 sub, for a gift; and the "saleman" kept of feedin me bullshit on their new subwoofer boxes (which are cheap shit regular particle board and ugly thin carpeting) for 25mins!!!!! Best buy is way more expensive than real professional car audio/alarms places!!!! As for best buy's installation bay, none of those guys know how to do a wiring job properly, i watched them do it to my friends car (why the hell did he go there!?!?); they loosed almost half the original screws.

03-17-06, 12:00 AM
Verizon way back when installed a vehicular 3 watt adapter for cellular telephone (you put your phone onto it, it gives you a handset to use in the car, plus hands free, and a 3 watt instead of .6 watt signal) on my dad's 1989 Jimmy. This was back in 1995 or so. I remember taking that thing apart, they ran wires into two fuses. Literally. Pull off the fuse, put the wire under it, reinstall fuse. The installation guide, on their own paperwork (I took it :devil: just after they finished) says to connect the wires to the various fuses to power the unit, and to tell it when the ignition switch is turned on. That was so damn stupid. It was at a Verizon store too!

03-20-06, 12:36 PM
Re; that auxilliary warrantee crapola, we have a furniture chain up here (Leon's) that is constantly pushing that extra bit of coverage, and it is DIRECTLY tied to the sales-weenies take home pay envelope.

I have no use whatsoever for that and allow the sales-weenie to do his spiel one time and one time ONLY, before I tell him "Thanks, but no thanks". If he/she persists past that point, I bluntly tell him/her that if they want to cancel their sale, just keep talking that extended warrantee crap.. Usually that is sufficient to get them to shut their traps. If not, they'll lose the sale to someone who is experienced enough to know when they're pissing off their potential client. Simple, non?

Caddy Man
03-20-06, 12:49 PM
sorry but that extended warranty comes in use BIG TIME. Ive had electronics crap out on me before and its nice to have a warranty and just get a new one. My freind has gotten several laptops from best buy through thier warranty program (each one being better than previous because they dont make the previous model anymore) Hell they even pay for battery replacement, so the wararnty pretty much pays itself off when you get a new battery. Would you buy a car without warranty?? I dont think so. I know manufacturers have warranty, but there are so many limitations and with the best buy warranty, you dont have to deal with the manufacturer. I dont work for BB, but I always tell people to get the warranty on expensive items.