: CompuStar Remote Starting Quirks?

03-16-06, 01:51 AM
I have a '05 EXT and had a CompuStar remote starter/alarm installed professionally. It is the 2-way model (2W900FMR).

When I press on the brake after the truck is started remotely, the interior lights comes on for a second and then it shuts off.

When I press on the brake and shift out of gear at the same time, the interior lights also come on plus "Driver's Door Ajar" display/chime on the DIC in the instrument panel.

I mentioned this to my installer. They said that they cannot do much about it because of something to do with a different circuit (?)

Another thing is that my Perimeter Lighting does not work (DRLs and Reverse lights) and that the delayed locking is disabled, regardless of the settings in the DIC.

I hate to have factory features to be compromised by a aftermarket install. I like the permeter lighting feature. I could use it, but I have to use the factory key fob, instead of my alarm/remote start one.

Does your CompuStar behaves this way? I would like to work with my installer to have those thing fixed.


03-16-06, 09:20 PM
DEI make a module that 'talks' to the Escalade thru the data wire. Your installer should be able to add that to the system. I should control locks, fac alarm, all lights etc...

03-16-06, 10:29 PM
I have the exact same unit and it does the same thing with the door ajar message, when I use remote start. I've taken it back several times and they "fix it". It works correctly for about a week, then it go starts giving me the message again. The shop owner said that they have installed this unit on several Escalades and never have encountered this problem, but who knows. As far as the perimeter lighting and delayed locks it sounds like the bypass may have been install incorrectly. I was having similar problems after initial install, mine would say service stabilitrack when I left the key in the accessory position, I took it back and the installer said I had a bad control module and replaced it.

03-17-06, 07:25 PM
It sounds like that there are tricks in making the factory features available again with the CompuStar unit. Do you have specifics on the DEI unit like the part number?

I have to have my installer to check the bypass and the control module. Are there anything else about them to be specific? I wanted to make sure that they are understood.

Here is the response I got from CompuStar. From the looks of it, I'm back to square one, but I am not giving up:

The Cadillac EXTs require additional modules for the locks and security system to work with the aftermarket starter. These modules do pulse the domelight circuit during remote start and after shutdown. The reason for this is to simulate the doors being opened if the remote start run time expires before you get to the vehicle. This prevents the radio from staying on after the vehicle shuts down. If you start your vehicle with the key and trun it off with the key you will notice that the radio does not shut off until the door is opened. Wjhat you are seeing is normal protocol for an aftermarket remote start system.

As for the perimiter lighting, the module does not control this feature as it is not a necessary circuit for the vehicle to remote start. The feature has not been disabled but there is not a way to control this circut with an aftermaket system that we have found yet.

03-17-06, 10:50 PM
Try this page, it should help!


05-07-06, 04:03 AM
Did you mean this Directed part would restore the perimeter functions and not turn on the interior lights as well as the door ajar warning message? I have an appointment with my installer and I feel that he is not aware of a solution, but I would appreciate your help for further information to help him out.


Category: Immobilizer Bypass
Required: Yes
Type: Passlock II
Part#: 556LW
Notes: Not required if using the combo interface module. The Passlock II wire colors are yellow, black, and red/white (not used).
Alternates: 555LW, DesignTech 20402, DesignTech 29402

Category: Combo Interface
Required: Yes
Type: Data Bus
Part#: 457GW

05-07-06, 07:39 AM
same problems happened to me
compustar told me that they have fixed all the problems associated with gm cars.

I got the viper pager after that