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01-10-04, 11:05 AM
"Dear Citibank Mebmer,

This letter was sennt by the Citi-Card serevrs to veerify your email
adress. You must cmtlepoe this prcoses by clicking on the link
below and enntering in the small window your Citbiank ATM
Card number and CARD PIN that you use on ATM Machine.
That is done for your potcertion -a- becaurse some of our members no
lneogr have acsces to their email adsrseeds and we must verify it.

To veerify your e-mail address and akcess your Citibank account, click on
the link beloow. If nothing hapneps when you klick on the link -U copye
and paste the link into the address bar of your window."

i cut and pasted all text from e mail , wonder what happend to the folks at citibank and there editors ? e mail arrived to me around 1047 est . sure sounds like that deal i heard on dateline where those kids on uganda or something are sending fraudluent e mails

it also had a link that i WILL not paste on this thread for everyones safety , also sent this to citibank ...but it was from this address supposedly: ""CITIBANK" <roland@citi.com>"

01-10-04, 11:19 AM
Delete it and go on about your day....Your bank will not ask you to send that type of info over an unsecured media such as E-Mail. SCAM ALERT!

El Dobro
01-10-04, 02:14 PM
What did they use, a Ugandan spell-checker?

01-10-04, 02:15 PM
they probably called that drunk guy that lives in the turn 3 infeild of talledga to proof read it , terrible isnt it ?

01-11-04, 01:48 AM
What did they use, a Ugandan spell-checker?

Possibly from Iraq?

01-11-04, 01:48 PM
"Possibly from Iraq?"

AH HA !! that means we have found saddams weapon of mass destruction !!!! must a idenitity theft weapon to reek caous on the US !!!! it will take the CIA ,FBI,ATF, AFLCIO,EEOC ,NFL,IRL, OPEC, PLO,AARP and a few senators months to get to the bottom of how the weapon was supposed to work and put the responisble party on KP