: Help finding CTS-V in Canada!

Poopie D
03-15-06, 02:23 PM
I have been looking for months to try and find a decent deal on an 05 cts-v, preferably silver. There is one guy selling a black one with 40,000 miles on it and he is asking, ready for this, $59,900 CAD (about $51,000 USD)!!!

I did find a brand new 05, silver, left over from last year but the dealer is still asking $64,000 CAD (about $56,000 USD) and will not budge. He says it is already been discounted $10k from sticker.

I would like to pay around $35,000 (USD) for a decent used 05 or about $39,000 (USD) for a new 05. Am I out to lunch?

Maybe someone out there can give me some ideas? I am nervous about importing from the US but I am located about 1.5 hours from Washington state and about 4 hours from Seattle.

Thanks guys...I look forward to your replys!

03-15-06, 03:07 PM
Another forum member, Jon in Ontario, bought a V through somewhere around the Detroit area here. Maybe he can shed some light on his experience for you.

Go Wings! :bouncy:

Oh, sorry.

03-15-06, 08:55 PM
Capital pontiac in Regina Sask. has had one for about 1 year with only 400 km 05 raven black sunroof fg shocks. It was there when i bought mine 1 year ago and it's still there. E-mail me and i'll get you a smokin deal !! I've bought about 12 vehicles from them and know them real well! You could probably have all the TSB's done before pickl up and the shop foreman is agreat guy. In CAnada you will pay probably about 58000 bacause about only 200 were alloted for the great white north!!!!:highfive:

Poopie D
03-15-06, 09:48 PM
$58,000 is still way more than I want to pay. Carter Cadillac in Vancouver just let a brand new 05 stealth grey go for $55,000. The dealer cost on them is about $65,000 less whatever rebates they got at the end of the year when they lost all of the financing incentives. I just wish I could find a gently used 05 over here is BC...

03-15-06, 11:48 PM
I bought my 05 from the states and paid $37k after everything. Just keep your eyes open. I don't think you're out to lunch.......did I mention I love this car.

03-16-06, 12:31 AM
Hey buddy, I bought a '04 Black on Black with sunroof and 12k miles for $32,500 from Michigan. I live in Ontario, as rand49er said. The car was 8 months old. Definately import it, you save a BUNDLE.

www.riv.ca has everything you need to know. You can PM me or email me at Jon04CTSV@gmail.com if you want more help, have any questions, or want to hear about my experience.

03-16-06, 12:39 AM
I'm planning on buying a 2005 SRT 10 Quad cab in the States. Its easy enough to do and worth the effort.

I'm in Vancouver.

The only thing is that CDN cars have 4 years of maintanence included. Just an FYI

Poopie D
03-24-06, 06:01 PM
Jon: can you PM me? I cannot as I do not have 50 posts yet. I would like to speak to you on the phone if I could. I can call you (to save your long distance) or you can call me if you are not comfortable giving out your number. thanks!