: Greenspan DTS chiming in.

greenspan dts
03-15-06, 01:12 PM
Salutations to all forum members. I guess you can say i'm another potential cadillac owner. I've got my eyes on a 2000 DTS with NV and NAV, but unsure if i should wait for a 2001. Ive using this site as a resource for weeks now but had to become a member.

03-16-06, 10:05 AM

Thanks for joining the site! Here is a link to a review for the 2000 & 2001:
2000 Cadillac Review (http://www.internetautoguide.com/reviews/45-int/luxury-cars/cadillac/deville/2000/index.html)
2001 Cadillac Review (http://www.internetautoguide.com/reviews/45-int/luxury-cars/cadillac/deville/2001/index.html)
(disclaimer: this is just one of many that are out there and should be used as an example. Try google: Cadillac DTS review for more results).

I like the new style (I have a 99') but I am going to hold out another couple years for the new new style (2006) I think they are real sweet looking. Good luck with your search.


03-19-06, 12:57 PM
:welcome: let us know what you chose. Good luck.