: Catera trunk badges

03-15-06, 08:11 AM

This is my first post to this forum, so I'll introduce myself first.

I own a 1997 Vauxhall Omega 2.5 CDX. Most of you will know that this is the UK spec version of the Cadillac Catera.

I am in the process of trying to change my car to visually replicate the 97-99 Catera. I have managed to obtain a front grille, but I am still after some the following items.

1 - CATERA nameplate from the trunk
2 - Cadillac nameplate from the trunk
3 - Cadillac crest and wreath (I would fit this to the trunk, as the UK spec trunk lids are slightly different to US spec affairs).

Is there anyone on here atm, parting out a Catera, who would be happy to send these items to the UK in exchange for money?

I can also offer my Vauxhall grille and badges in return, to anyone wanting to change their Cateras identity to an Omega.

Thanks in advance, and thanks for reading.


03-15-06, 02:12 PM
Best place to look is www.car-parts.com
This site links lots of used part lots, and junk yards of all types of parts. Best to search for the parts you need there, then find the place closest to you, then call them and ask what you need. The other option is to check eBay, I know there is a guy parting out his Catera. Hope this helps. Eric

03-15-06, 03:25 PM
the rear long light(not led, other long light on truck) has the cadillac name embedded on it and i saw this on e-bay just yesterday.