View Full Version : Where to rent a classic convertible Cadillac? (Florida/Arizona/Texas)

03-15-06, 07:35 AM

I'm working for an European TV production company, we're currently preparing a "road movie" documentary that will be shoot in Arizona, Florida and Texas.

Our film director is looking for a classic dark colored American convertible to shoot some footages, something like a Cadillac ElDorado or a Deville from the 70's or later.

I was wondering if you, a person or a garage you knew, could be interested by renting us one for few days in Arizona, Florida or Texas.

Thanks in advance for your help and consideration.


03-16-06, 03:31 PM
You might check Las Vegas. Lots of vintage Cadillacs and exotics for rent there.

Otherwise, each of those states have film commissions which have a list of cars available.

Arizona: http://www.commerce.state.az.us/Film/default.asp

Florida: http://www.filminflorida.com/

Texas: http://www.governor.state.tx.us/divisions/film

If you're talking about a lengthy road trip venture, you might find it cheaper to buy a car and then sell it on Ebay when you're done.