: Helo

03-15-06, 03:51 AM
I h8 young people.

03-15-06, 03:57 AM
I h8 young people.

Young people sure can be annoying.
But I don't hate them.
I hate the way they drive, talk, act, move, think, dress and the music they listen to but I don't hate them.

03-15-06, 06:54 AM
Please close this thread... :(

03-15-06, 07:10 AM
Mic, lets talk about your childhood for a minute, are holding anger inside?

I see...

hmm mmmm

how does that make you feel?

(Internet phsycologist extroidinaire)

03-15-06, 07:16 AM
I h8 young people.
Excellent first post, best ever.
Maybe....if you stick around...you'll put some thought into your next one

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03-15-06, 08:28 AM
Now thats quality stuff!