View Full Version : 94 Eldorado Power Steering Fluid?

03-14-06, 12:31 PM
I checked my Power steering fluid on my 94 Eldorado few days ago and found it to smell burnt. So I wanted to change it. I realised that the fluid was different than the normal, clear, PS fluid. The one that was in there was red, perhaps transmission fluid. Is this normal? What type of fluid does my car take? Also, if someone could hint me on the best way to change the fluid, I'd appreciated it. Thanks!

03-14-06, 12:40 PM
Hmm.. I dont know about red, I would certainly hope that its not transmission fluid. The fluid I put it mine was the GM Power Steering fluid found at your local dealership, this stuff is kinda expensive though at about $15 a quart. About draining and refilling.. alot of people from here and the other board recommended just siphoning out as much as you can and replacing it with the same amount of new fluid. You can only get so much out at one time after you've parked so this is something that has to be done a few times. You can do it the other way, but I hear that is a big process.

03-14-06, 03:53 PM
Thanks! I'm pretty sure it's transmission fluid. Called the Cadi dealer and they said that it's possible that it's trany fluid, people used to put it in older days. He said that just regular DOT 3 power steering fluid will be fine. Can anyone confirm this?

03-14-06, 08:53 PM
It's just hydraulic fluid. Pretty much any power steering fluid would be fine. Heck, transmission fluid is OK to use in a bind.

03-14-06, 09:21 PM
Does it not say on the cap that it needs DOT3? Im pretty sure all GM vehicles use DOT3. Best brake response with DOT3. Im not sure if any power steering fluid is 2 good actually. Mixing Dot 3 and 5.1 will cause it to glob up. Also 5 or 5.1 being synthetic is not 2 good for any rubber seals in the system. I would suggest only using what the manual tells u. DOT3 vs 5 vs 5.1 has many arguments...but thats another topic.

03-14-06, 10:50 PM
I've ran into the same thing on my 93 Eldo. Fluid looks redish/brownish but not as red as transmission fluid and it smells a bit different.

Since it is probably over 10 years old, it is possible that it got dirty/discolored. I have used standard power steering fluid to top it off. Not transmission fluid.

03-17-06, 07:54 PM
Not talking about brake here, talking steering. Dot ratings aren't on most steering fluids.