: Stepping Up To A V

SEXY 64 Vette
03-13-06, 06:34 PM
I'm seriously considering a used '04. I will not be dragging it or tracking it but will undoubtedly do street starts, get on it on the road and want to enjoy its performance. I will also probably not be doing any mods right away. I will be using it as a daily driver winter and summer in the Chicago area. BTW, I learned to drive rear wheel drive in the snow with no traction control, so with proper winter tires that doesn't phase me.

I'm probably older than most of you and NEVER would have considered a Cadillac until the V. I've been a Pontiac man most of my life and have owned GTO's, Grand Prix, & Bonnevilles mostly.

I've been reading this forum and have some concerns about durability and warranty treatment. I typically keep a car 5+ years and drive 20,000 miles a year. I can't believe some of the horror stories and will get an extended warranty.

What say you, especially those who live with one in similar circumstances?

03-13-06, 06:53 PM
I live in Texas, WTF is snow ? ;)

Definately buy the extended warranty out to 100K miles. If you get close to pulling the trigger on one, get the VIN and someone here can usually get you the maintenance background on the vehicle and/or a Carfax run on what you're looking at.

03-13-06, 06:54 PM
If you are not going to mod the car or track the car don't worry about the durability or warranty, it's a great car. However there is one mod you must do and a second you should seriously consider.

Must do) CAGS eliminator

Seriously consider) Put in a healthy exhaust

I doubt I'm even going to extend my warranty.


03-13-06, 11:07 PM
Do It! Buy the car, get the warrany, have much fun.

03-13-06, 11:12 PM
I can't believe some of the horror stories and will get an extended warranty.

Must have been talking to Chris again...

Yeah, get a warranty.


03-14-06, 05:30 AM
I bought my new 06 last December. I grew up driving rear wheel drive cars and most of them in the snow. The V is excellent in the snow, well, much better than I thought it would be. I ordered the car with the OE Goodyear RSA's on the car. A nice compromise between performance and all weather traction. If your 04 has the F1's they won't be worth much for winter driving. Oh, by the way, I love my V!

03-14-06, 07:14 AM
Sexy, you and I are very much alike.

I am a huge Pontiac guy, I own a 2000 Firehawk and a 68 Firebird.

My 06 V is at the dealer as we speak getting prepped for delivery. I will use it as a daily driver exactly as you described it. No track or drag strip, but I will not back down from a street challenge.

Do it.