: KC, you're my God, dude

03-17-03, 11:49 PM
:offtopic: Hey KC, how would you like it if the Democrats in California, or Federally, were ALWAYS in power. This is what we have with the Liberals in Ottawa. Our Prime Dict....oops, Minister can run forever! We have had him for 12 years. How would you like it if California had no vote power, because the East is too strong and populated? This is what we have in Western Canada. Your President can only be elected for 2 terms, our PM will be here forever until he steps down or dies. Ottawa will continue to force Black Boxes, G control and Kyoto down our throats. Man, admit. you guys don't have it bad down there. P.S. some places in Canada are over a dollar a liter

03-18-03, 12:11 AM
I hear Ya Dude! We have a problem like that on a smaller scale here in the Peoples Republic of California. The state is primarily Conservative and the poulation centers are LIBERAL! So no matter what we do we keep getting stuck with SHIT like Gray Davis! It sucks! Big time! But we at least don't have to put up with him for life!

I Think the GOD thing might be a little overblown! I'd Have a hard time living up to THAT!!!