: 94 FWB Lumbar clicks but won't work

03-13-06, 03:57 PM
My 94 FWB Lumbar isn't working anymore. I leaned on the controls one day under the dash, and now both sides don't work. It clicks, but that is it.

Is there a set fuse or did I pop the motor?

03-13-06, 06:03 PM
if its not working for both sides then its a fuse 17 10 amps or 40 20amp

If it clicks but they don't work then it could possibly be a faulty relay...

03-14-06, 06:58 AM
You probably blew the 20A lumbar fuse. There's 2 fuses that work the system, a 10A that controls the solenoids and a 20A that powers the motor. If you blow the 20A only, you'd probably hear the solenoids clicking but the motor wouldn't run. Sounds like what you have.