: Overheat!

03-13-06, 02:22 PM
My '98 Seville had a coolant leak - my mechanic replaced the water pump and cured the leak. One month later, the check coolant message comes on and then promptly overheats.

There is not a lot of white smoke, but some. Is there an easy way to tell if I have the dreaded blown head gasket?:worship:


03-13-06, 04:28 PM
Have a cylinder pressure test done. Are you using coolant?

03-13-06, 05:03 PM
Yep. Uses very little while the wife runs around town (I've been checking it every day). When you put demands on it (pulling hills, for example) it seems to go from "check coolant" to overheating rather quickly.

03-13-06, 09:46 PM
Sounds like a head gasket. Do a cylinder pressure test to confirm.

03-14-06, 12:44 AM
try to keep driving it and see what happens, just keep dumping gallons of coolant in every day. My friend has been driving his little neon that way the whole year. He spends $20 on coolant a week. lol. I dont think you can kill this engine by driving with a bad gasket either. Coolant getting into the oil is very rare.

03-14-06, 01:24 AM
That's what mine did. I added coolant for months, really slowly until the last month. Less than a gallon per month at first.