: Deville or Fleetwood

01-08-04, 10:29 PM
Im in the market for a mid 90's caddy. I have about $4500 in cash and am wondering what do you guys recommend. I live in South Florida and was also wondering if any of you have a caddy for sale. Which one of these 2 cars ride smoother. Also, my friend told me devilles have a tendancy to be bad cars, is it true ? Any info you guy can provide would be great. Im leaving on Saturday in search for my car. Maybe I won't find what Im looking for but I would like to know from "experts" which car would be best, what price to pay etc. Thanks

01-08-04, 10:50 PM
I think the '95 ETCs rock, but that's just me. I don't know for sure, but I think that era of deville sucked.

01-10-04, 11:26 PM
I'm partial to Fleetwood myself! ;)

01-11-04, 01:25 AM

01-11-04, 10:51 AM
If you've already narrowed it down to DeVille or Fleetwood, it's a no-brainer.

'95-'96 FLEETWOOD!

Nothing against the DeVilles. But, for $4500 you could get a much "newer" DeVille. Comparable Fleetwoods are priced about double that.

01-11-04, 12:59 PM
Buy a FWD Fleetwood. No for the rest.

01-11-04, 04:40 PM
The one thing you didn't say is what ones are you actually thinking about? Do you want one of the front wheel drive DeVilles and Fleetwoods or a newer DeVille and rear wheel drive 1993-1996 Fleetwood?

The front wheel drive ones are the same except for trim. The RWD ones are a completely different car. You'd have to try both to see which you like better.

01-12-04, 01:06 AM
They're both good cars. The DeVille with the Northstar will cost you more to maintain. The DeVille with the 4.9 will be more reliable and cheap. The Fleetwood will probably cost more than you've got for a nice one - but if you do find a good deal, I'd say it's your best bet. The Fleetwood drives smoother than the DeVille. The Fleetwood Brougham has the softest seats I've ever sat in...