View Full Version : Any Pics of Black Escalade with Stock Grille Painted Black ????

03-12-06, 07:46 PM
Anyone have pics to post??? Thanks,

03-12-06, 08:30 PM
if you go on 310motoring.com and look on the gallery you'll see a black ESV with a stock grille painted.

03-12-06, 09:55 PM

03-12-06, 10:48 PM
Thanks guys for the quick response! Any more out there?

03-12-06, 10:50 PM
here is a pic of my 03.

03-12-06, 11:04 PM
Thanks! Your truck looks great! I think that is the look I want. :thumbsup: Did you have it done or was it a DYI with spray paint? Thanks, js

03-12-06, 11:23 PM
No, have it done!! Don't go trying to spray paint your 40k truck! It won't cost that much. I went on Ebay and bought a different one so that I didn't have to leave the truck at the body shop and they will charge you less since they don't have to take it off and put it back on. Good Luck.

03-12-06, 11:30 PM
Good idea purchasing the xtra grille. Yes, I too will have it shot at a body shop. Thanks again for the pic.

03-12-06, 11:39 PM
Here is one for you, this type will be really cheap to paint and when you go to install you will take off your grill and use a heat gun to bend the plastic tabs to get the grill out of your bezel and put the black one in. Let me know if you get this one I might even buy the hood cap that comes with it from ya!
http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/2002-CADILLAC-ESCALADE-GRILL_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ33645QQitemZ80466 40520QQrdZ1