: Good LT1 tech in Toronto area?

03-12-06, 07:37 PM
Sorry this post not for my Caddy, but for my Roadmaster...

Anyone out there know a top LT1 technician in the Greater Toronto Area? Preferably northeast or downtown?

I am having the "hesitation/engine light" problem under hard acceleration. Thanks to a tip on the Impala SS forum I think my problem might be the link below:

http://www.impalassforum.com/tech/engine/air_pump/air_pump.htm (http://www.impalassforum.com/tech/engine/air_pump/air_pump.htm)

Anyway gotta take a long trip next week and I need it resolved and right the first time. Not confident my usual mechanics around my place (Stouffville) can diagnose properly and fix.

I would even consider a highly-recommended GM dealership tech for this. Car's a keeper and I don't mind spending a few bucks to get this fixed right.