: Input on largest 22 tire with mcgaughys 2/4 deluxe spindle drop

03-11-06, 10:01 PM
Ok, from all the reading I have decided the first mod will be the Mcgaughys 2/4 deluxe drop. The second is the wheels and tires, I want the largest tire I can fit in the wheel wells to keep the ride smooth on the pot hole infested streets of DC.

305/22/40 is the common size on line, however 305/22/45s were recommended by a local tire shop... They guy said with a slight cut to the inner fender any rubbing would go away....but he has never heard of Mcgaughys ....and wanted to sell me an el cheapo alternative. I am not willing to sacrifice the ride for a few bucks savings.

Can I get away with the 45s (or taller) and if so where should I cut/trim etc.

03-11-06, 11:52 PM
McGaughys doesn't make a 2/4 for the Escalade. They make a 2/3 torsion key, 2/3 spindle, 3/5 spindle (2wd only). If you cut the front tire well area (ie where your wiper fluid housing is) and the back rear tire well area you'll be fine. Both the 305/40 and 305/45 are fine unless it's at a full borne steering wheel lock. Then you might encounter a tad bit of rub. Be careful when going over dips and train tracks, your rear tires will take a hit.

03-13-06, 09:38 AM
Juan you are right, it is a 2/3 drop not 2/4. So would I would be fine with 22's and 45s for a smooth ride or should I go down to 20's with a taller tire? How much do I have to cut on the rear well well for the 22/45 combo? This is going to double as the roadtrip and family truck along with my cool ride, so I have to consider the wife (and you know how they drive) may plow over a few speed bumps.....if she did I would not want a set up that trashes the truck. Also will be pulling a trailer occasionaly. Thanks!!

03-15-06, 09:01 PM
Everybody agree I can do 22s with the 305/45/22 rubber AFTER the 2/3 DROP? I was also considering 20s with 305/50/20 (or close too) rubber. Since they are narrower maybe the rub would be less of an issue and the ride smoother. Does anyone have experience either way with the ride and clearance comparision? Input???

03-15-06, 09:20 PM
I was wondering about this also b/c I've read threads and the replies don't help much lol. I've seen people says with the slight drop and 22's the ride turned to complete shit and then others who dropped larger on like 24's and skinny tires and say it drives like stock which doesn't make much sense to me lol. That, and it seems like half the poeple say the drop had no affect on ride and the other half say it rode like a brick.

I'm not planning on lowering mine when I get the new truck, but if it doesn't affect ride quality I wouldn't mind a slight lowering since the Escalade is worthless offroad, and Im looking at 2wd models with the 6.0 anyway. Planning on some light forged 22's so I won't have all that unsprung mass.

03-15-06, 09:54 PM
From what the sales people say and the forums it seems the Mcgaughys kit keeps the stock ride, as the spindles and hangers just move pieces down, and th stock shocks are retained (for the EXT). I think the kits that use t-keys, a arms and springs impact the ride more...but I am not a expert ....just going off of what I have read. I am more worried about how the tires ride and eliminating any issues of rubbing. Even just changing a tire brand on a car can imact the ride greatly....I have heard good things about Nitto and Toyo. Now adding size and clearance issues could be a royal pain if I order the wrong wheel tire combo.

I just picked up my 2005 EXT with 50 miles yesterday! It is the newest used car one could ever find. It was worth the 177 mile run up to Trenton NJ to get it. The dealer (J n S AutoHaus) was great to deal with, lots of high end cars.:bouncy:

03-16-06, 10:33 AM
You will be fine with either combo of tire. I had a 2/3 with 305/45/23 and it barely rubbed, so you should be good if you trim with either size tire. If you trim, you should be good to go,


03-16-06, 10:09 PM
Cool, If you could do it on 23s i should be good on 22s with the 45s. Was yours an EXT like mine? How was the ride compared to stock (before 2/3 drop and 23s) on the 305/45/23 setup?

On the trimming did you just climb with a grinder or snips and see where the wheel hit or pay a shop to do it?

Thanks for the feedback. I have the Viper alarm/remote start going in tomorrow, and the 2/3 kit going on Saturday. W:bouncy: heels will be going on soon.

02-27-07, 12:36 AM
Its almost a year latter and I am having the same questions for my 02! What did you end up going with and how do you like it?