: ABS wiring diagram

03-11-06, 04:13 PM
for the life of me i can't find a good diagram of the ABS wiring (wheel sensors specifically) and my manual has been misplaced.

can someone hook a brotha up? it's all in the name of good science!

03-11-06, 05:03 PM
What year? I think I might have my 94 manual lying around somewhere, but don't know if that would work for you...

03-11-06, 07:29 PM
more specifically, for a 1997 Sedan Deville Base model with N*

03-12-06, 03:17 PM

03-13-06, 04:39 AM
ttt once more

03-14-06, 10:15 AM
god someone give him the info he needs we all are dying to know if his TC disable will work!!!

03-14-06, 03:44 PM
lol...thanks for the support man!

the last 3 relays finally arrived today. i'm hittin the dealer bright & early to see if i can milk a few connections and come away with that diagram...otherwise i'm bidding on the manuals on ebay right now...so NO ONE ELSE BID!!!!! lol

12-10-06, 10:51 PM
hey, please tell me you were able to get your hands on a wireing diagram for you 97. I have a 97 sts, a cray bosh abs pump that I am searching for a wiring diagram for. Please te me that you can hook a brotha up!!!?!!