: Made the leap, thought I'd find a good forum

03-11-06, 01:04 AM
Tonight was one of those "hallmark" nights - the ones that you remember for life.

I just signed the papers on a 2005 Deville - Cadillac Certified used.

Diamond white exterior and pewter interior, it is a thing of beauty, my wife has made two trips out to the garage to look at the car she was so suprised at how reasonably priced the car was (as was I, we are paying less for it than my wife's Suturn L300)

I hope to have some pics to link but the weather so far is rain and the car is in the garage.

I moved to the caddy from a small Saturn SL2 5 speed manual. no more Mr. rush hour shifty - and I'll be able to carry on a good cel conversation - it's so quiet inside, the ride is wonderful and the car is everything I hoped it would be.

Lord Cadillac
03-11-06, 03:00 AM
Congratulations on your purchase! It sounds like you don't have the DTS version. I had a 2000 but I'm the kind of guy who likes quiet, soft riding luxury cars - which is what I think you have.. Either way, the DeVille is a head-turner and a car to be very proud to own - especially practically new!


03-11-06, 06:43 AM
Welcome Raging!

Congrats on the new Deville! That is quite a change from a SL2. I am sure you will have many worry free miles driving that beauty knowing it has the 'certified' blanket wrapped snugly around! I too purchased a Certified Deville a few years ago. I have to say it was THE deciding factor for my purchase. I love my 1999 Deville Concours and thought about trading towards a newer DTS.....just can't let her go yet! Thanks for joining the forum.
Patiently waiting for the pix.

03-11-06, 10:03 PM

Your wish is my command. I ran some errands today with the wife, life does not seem as jarring or noisy anymore, it is much more quiet and relaxed. The pewter leather interior is soft and supple yet is not "squishy". Setting the heater to a specific temperature was quite novel until I found that instead of settling for either a little too hot or a little too cold, I much like Goldilocks, could have it "just right". I imagined needing some time adjusting to life in a "yacht" rather than the tiny saturn, but the Cadillac while large, hides a nimbleness one does not expect to find. I'm thoroughly happy with my purchase as is my wife.
The proof in the pudding will come this week as I run it through it's paces at work (traveling between cities up to 3 times a day) I know that I will have a much better trip, and that my cel phone calls will be easier on both myself and the caller - Saturns are quite noisy at any speed above 10MPH.
I am hoping that the gas mileage difference while large will not be a huge issue (30 MPG Saturn) I drove my old car like a man posessed - two throttle positions on and off. I hope to excercise more discipline given the instantaneous MPG readout in the dash!

03-12-06, 06:14 AM
:welcome: and good luck with the Deville.

03-13-06, 03:14 PM
Very nice in Diamond White! You should expect low 20's to 28 hwy (maybe better!). In the city I get 13-17 mpg (I only have a 3 mi commute), once on the hwy it goes up to 27+mpg sometimes more). Good luck!