: 04 escalade seats rear seats not going down.

03-10-06, 04:26 PM
hello all, this is my first post on the board, i just purchased a 04' escalade. 6.0 liter, awd, now i have a question the soecond row is 60/40 as appose to 2 bucket seats, and i can get the 1 bucket seat to fold down, but when i try it with the same method (pull the bottom out, then push the seat back and fold it down method, the seat isnt going down. am i doing something wrong? or is this a problem with the car? i just recieved the car yesterday it is certified pre-owned with appx 19,000 miles. should the seat go down the same way, i also have a problem with the reverse gear, it seems to be hesitating when i hit the gas, but i believe this is since the vehicle is all wheel drive. but as far as the seat is conserned, i dont see a latch or whatnot to put the seat down, any idea, or does it seem to be broken? does it even fold down? thank you in advance

03-10-06, 05:31 PM
Yes it folds down, but it's hard to say why you're having problems. And IMO there should be a minimal amount (if any) hesitation for the transmission to find its gear after it's been shifted into reverse. I'd make a trip back to the dealer for help. I'm sure they'd be happy to serve.

And since your vehicle is certified you don't have much to worry about in terms of out of pocket expenses for repairs if you need them. Hopefully everything is normal.

03-10-06, 07:45 PM
if your driver seat is pulled and the backrest is reclined to far back can cause the back seats from not going down because the part that you actually sit on the backseat is not being opened far enough.