: Sold my V, best to all.

03-09-06, 01:52 PM
Well, it's done. I've sold my 2004 V with about 14k miles to an excellent new owner. No, I didn't get rid of it out of frustration in any way. It was reliable, only ate through one differential, and was a joy to drive. I actually found it preferable from a driving perspective to an E39 M5 I owned a few years back. The wheel hop was occassionally annoying, but didn't do much to lessen the driving experience. Somehow GM found a way to make a heavy sedan carve corners with ease and great feedback, made it feel far lighter than it is, and the LS6 has been my favorite engine (including Viper V10, BMW V8, Porsche B6). I change cars every few years, and it was time for me.

After seriously considering BMW M5, Merc E55, Porsche 911 and Boxster, I went for a C6 Convertible Corvette. It was tough to get the wife happy with my choice, but I gave in on her color choice (black, so I'll continue to have a perpetually filthy car). Ordered it last month, it arrived in four weeks with what I wanted, wonderful automobile. I've never had a convertible, so the time is right and I rarely used the back seats of the V.

Good luck to all. If GM ups the ante with a LS7 V in a few years, I may be back. Congratulations to GM for building an American BMW, great car - warts and all. Best of luck to all. Dan :)