: Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14: Worlds most powerful and fastest production bike

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Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14: the most powerful and the fastest production motorcycle in history

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September 23, 2005 For several years now, the 178bhp Kawasaki ZX12 has had the most horsepower of any production motorcycle, though it has played second fiddle to the 175 bhp Suzuki GSX1300 Hayabusa (named after the Japanese Peregrine falcon, one of the few animals on the planet which can travel at 300km per hour which it does during a dive) because the Hayabusa has a higher top speed – the Suzuki’s aerodynamics enable it to more than make up for the slight horsepower deficit and it has now held the title of the world’s fastest production motorcycle for six years since it launched. The Hayabusa’s top speed as measured by the Guiness Book of Records is 317 km/h. But Kawasaki’s just announced ZX14 company flagship boasts 1400cc, much slipperier aerodynamics and the most horsepower and highest top speed of any production motorcycle EVER! The publicity conscious Kawasaki is keeping mum on the exact figures but the rumours emanating from Japan indicate we are just about to see the world’s first 200bhp production motorcycle.:eek: Full details inside.

A manufacturer is defined by the motorcycles it makes, and the defining characteristic of Kawasaki motorcycles has always been power - lots of power. It became the horsepower king waaay back when it released the H1 500cc three cylinder two-stroke triple in the late sixties, and built on that reputation with the 750cc H2 three cylinder two-stroke triple and finally the Z1 900cc four cylinder machine and the family of big four cylinder four-strokes that bike spawned – the Z1000, Z1-R, GPZ900R and all the way through to the modern hyper-bikes like the ZZ-R1100 and Ninja ZX-12R, Kawasaki’s flagship machines have set performance standards.

There’s absolutely no doubt that Kawasaki has been getting ready to take on the Hayabusa for several years – the ZX12 was expected to be a Hayabusa-beater and despite its ram air induction system inflating real horsepower from 178 at low speed to 190 at high speed (the forced air induction acts has the same effect as a supercharger), its aerodynamics let it down. But the ZX14 has obviously spent a lot of time in the wind tunnel as Kawasaki prides itself on the performance factor and it wanted to be the fastest of the bunch again. And there is absolutely no doubt that despite the big K’s coyness, the new Ninja ZX-14will be the most powerful and the fastest ever and continue the tradition by delivering as-yet-unheard-of levels of performance and excitement. Its aerodynamics reminds users that Kawasaki is indeed an aircraft manufacturer.
Kawasaki engineers and designers have created a motorcycle that turns its Ram Air and fuel-injected engine into the core of a powerful, torque-producing, aerodynamic stunner that will draw attention from onlookers whether on the road, or parked on the roadside. The Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14 is a 1352cc motorcycle, that is its most powerful ever, and succeeds in setting the performance standards for others to follow.

This all new in-line four has evolved from the Ninja ZX-12R and features a bore and stroke of 84 x 61mm packed into a purposefully designed compact outline that minimizes engine width, leaving it at virtually the same width as the 12R.
A twist of the throttle delivers a seamless spread of torque that is so linear, the "power band," per se, ceases to exist. Riders will pay particular attention to the impressive response that kicks in once the motor exceeds 6,000 rpm. Those that have ridden this newest Kawasaki flagship marvel at the torque response that makes pulling away from a total stop in almost any gear a possibility.
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I've never cared for Sushi bikes, they're too clean looking. If you've seen one sushi-bike, you've seen 'em all! They're also pretty uncomfortable to ride, I'd much rather have a Harley. They have much more style, are more comfortable to ride, and they're made in America!

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I'd much rather have a Harley. They have much more style, are more comfortable to ride, and they're made in America!

At least most of them are. :bigroll:
Don't get me started on Harleys vs. Jap bikes. :want: