: Napleton Cadillac Park Ridge IL

03-08-06, 10:13 AM
I been having my car serviced by them since I bought it, they have treated me well. If you are looking for a Cadillac dealer in the Chicago area, this is the place to go..


05-10-07, 09:33 AM
For those in Chicago-land, avoid Cadillac of Naperville. I needed a second FOB for my car so I get a quote from them: $60 if you buy their FOB and they program it for you for free. I say "I can get a FOB off eBay for $10, how much to program that one?" They reply "$60 to program an outside FOB". I say "the seller says he'll include programming instructions" and the dealer claims "it won't work...you need a $2000 computer that only dealers have to program the FOBs." I buy from the guy on eBay, programmed the thing myself with no computer and everything works fine. So either Cadillac of Naperville is trying to hose me over or they don't know their Cadillacs.

Different occasion. My alternator goes out so I ask the guy at the service department at Cadillac of Naperville for a quote. I don't remember what price he gave me, but it was high so I asked whats up with that. He says you have to drop the A/C compressor to get the alternator out which is a good chunk of labor. So I go to my local mechanic and the job did take him a while cuz he had to move the radiator, but definitely not the A/C compressor. So once again Cadillac of Naperville was either lying to me or they don't know their cars...either way that's NOT who I want to give my biz to/NOT who I want working on my car. DON'T DEAL WITH CADILLAC OF NAPERVILLE.