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01-07-04, 07:23 PM
I just bought a '97 SLS with about 54000 miles on it.......everything is fine but I always have added a bottle of Techron in my next fillup after I change the oil in my cars.....which I try to do every 2000 miles......as a preventative measure. I read the post below mine regarding this issue and came away a little cloudy because that guy ( Gary00SLS) had other problems occurring. What I'd like to know is do other Cadillac owners with the Northstar engine add these products regularly and am I risking damage to the engine by adding them.....I just want to do the little extras to make sure the engine stays running sweet.....my friend who was the previous owner did not use these products.
Also, from the other post I found out about this product BG 44K....which is supposed to be better than Techron. A website that sells this suggests for an engine at least 3 years old with over 30000 miles to add 1 can to a full tank to loosen and then add another can to the next fill up to clean everthing away......then 1 can per year as maintenance. Any thoughts, ideas, or experiences you could share regarding this would be appreciated. Thx-Joe

01-07-04, 08:02 PM
I think you have the typical deception of "fuel injector cleaners".... Ive used MANY on the market, and have ONLY seen results with BG44k... best used before an oil change, and on long road trips... These things are designed to keep clean systems clean, not clean dirty systems.... You could really do some damage if they were powerful enough to clean them really good......

It wont damage anything, its not concentrated enough.....

I think that using back to back tanks might not be bad idea.... Id use cheap stuff like techron, not BG44k ($17/can).... Use it at 200% concentration (add to 1/2 tank) and then run till near empty, then add another at a full fillup.... Id be interested to hear any results.....

1 can per year isnt enough if your gonna bother.... 1 tank before oil change is the minumum if your gonna bother, IMO......

01-07-04, 08:27 PM
I've never really been one to use additives to gas. I've tried more or less all of the standard OTC products, and never noticed much of a difference. I once had positive results with a bottle of techron in my old Range Rover with filthy injectors, but the improvement was only minor enough to let the truck run until I could have them properly removed & cleaned. I've heard stories that too many bottles of gas system cleaner can be tough on the fuel filter, but I don't know how much truth is in that statement.

I've only owned my Eldorado for about 6 months, and have used techron in it once. Since the problem turned out to be bad plugs & wires, i noticed no difference. I'll probably add a bottle to one tank every season for good measure and improved karma, but I doubt it'll do much if anything.

The ONLY fuel additive that I have seen AMAZING results from are gas-dry, or any type of fuel-line water remover & anti-freeze. If you've ever had to park outdoors during a brutal winter, and had even the smallest amount of water in the tank, you'll understand! I would buy the gas-dry by the dozen when I was in college at UMass, since the winter nights would get below zero. Never once did the car fail to start. Maybe it was overkill, but after one tank of wet gas in the winter, the 99 cents per bottle was well worth it to avoid a cold-start nightmare.

During cold spells (like we're having here in the NE this week!), I'll still add one bottle to my tank just for preventative measures, and to remove any small amounts of moisture that may already be in there. Now that I park indoors, I don't worry so much about it.

That's my $.02!

01-11-04, 06:46 PM
Greetings from Southeastern Kentucky. CHEVRON FUELS have techron. Kentucky is known to be a dumping ground for inferior fuel due to lax law concerning the gasoline quality sold in the state. But after testing many of the local fuels available it was determined that Chevron was by far the best. We tested fuel for the purpose of using in light aircraft and ultra lights as allowed by FAA regulations. We also found that after 35-40 days the octane rating dropped by several digits. 92 octane gropped to 89 octane. Techron is also an approved fuel additive by Lycoming Aircraft Engine. After having recently observed the intake and heads off a ford 5.0 engine with 144,000 miles(my own, disassembled to replace valve seals)that burned Chevron 95% of the time was amazingly clean. If you have cars that are not driven regularly(several days)it's more important to use a fuel that won't leave deposits(varnish)in the fuel system and change fuel filters at 20,000 miles