View Full Version : For the 1000th time. Cradle bolts and Spectre Bushings

03-08-06, 09:09 AM
I did a search on the rear cradle bolts torque settings and STILL come up with conflicting specs.

So, what is everyone running? 185/140 or 190/145 or other.

Also, I got the Spectre bushings from James (thanks James!). There are 2 different size tabs on the bushings. Which size goes where or do they only fit one way?

I want to clearly spell it out for the service department for the install. They are going to be installing the FG2, bushings and exhaust all at once, I don't need any confusion going on if you know what I mean :thumbsup:

Lindsay Cadillac
03-08-06, 09:39 AM
Torque specs are 195 front and 141 rear.

The bushings only fit one way, there are two different size bushings and the same size goes on the top and bottom of the mount...

The Spectre bushings install just like the GM bushings, they're just tighter...

03-08-06, 09:49 AM
Again, thanks James!

Just making sure in case the service department has not done any of the GM bushings. I am going to take a copy of the TSB in with me when the time comes.

Thanks again. Torque specs noted and saved.