: cts-v guys web storage space

03-08-06, 02:29 AM
So, I know that uploading images and files is not the easiest thing to do especially when the files are bigger and storage space is limited. So, I am testing something new. Also, people always ask me to host files/images.

So, I have a temporary site up at the following link:


This is a script that will allow you to upload files (up to 5 mb x 5 files) and then provide you a link where you can copy and paste to the forum so everyone can see your images/ document...

few things:

1. All storage in this space should be considered TEMPORARY and can be deleted at any time.
2. It's only for CTS/CTS-V stuff
3. I will routinely clear it out (e-mail me if you want it to remain longer than 30 days)
4. I will be looking at everything and will delete what is not CTS/ CTS-V related.

This should make it easier to post images, etc. I figure since a bunch of people donate to the FAQ, and there is bandwidth that is not being used to its potential, I will put that unused bandwidth to some use.

This is just a trial, and if anyone abuses it (or I realize this is a waste) it will go away.

One quirk: there is no upload status bar (beyond my coding ability). Therefore, when you press the upload button, it will appear to freeze while the file is being uploaded. The length of the upload (and thus the apparent freezing) is dependant on your upload speed: Dial-up beware.


03-09-06, 12:01 AM
Thanks, Reed.

:hmm: calendar...yeah....calendar photos :)

03-09-06, 01:17 AM
exactly... and I can ftp them to you in a big chuck when we are ready... Let me know if you need me to increase the size..


03-09-06, 02:04 PM
Not to change the subject but...What is the chance of getting spell check on the forum. For those of us who can't spell to save our lives.

What the heck, I can't spell fur chit;see what I mean. :bigroll:

03-09-06, 03:24 PM
are you commenting on my ability to spell? :thepan:

The Google toolbar has it built in, I dont know if the forum has a module to do this... I will ask.

For me, I type too fast and dont have enough time to spell check.. sorry.. too many threads to read (I read them all) and too little time (I have a real job that I get paid to do)...