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03-08-06, 12:15 AM
After an hour of reading the manual and trying to program my seats for the individual key fobs, I just discovered by checking this site that a number of the memory functions that worked with the key fob and "key in" were discontinued. What I had in my 03 is no longer in my 06. I thought things were supposed to improve? More decontenting I guess.

I was just hoping to see if anyone on the site ever went to their dealer and got a new VCI as mentioned below from the original post.


what youll be asking for is a new VCI, vehicle calibration index. it is vin specific, so have it ready for your local tech. Techline tells us It will restore the seat recall functionality, NOT radio presets or DIC display/info. Apparently, Cadillac, in their infinite wisdom, conducted a focus (study) group to determine what features, functionality Escalade owners Needed & Wanted to have. Those deemed most important were kept, others were "lost." All of the features mentioned in this forum, I deem to be quite nice and certainly differentiate our vehicles from the myriad of others in the marketplace; and all certainly have merit on such a high caliber vehicle. I, as well as my employees are empathetic and share your feelings. However, one fact remains unchallenged, the price continues to rise and margins continue to decrease, and the competition continues to be agressive. Good luck.

04-16-08, 11:53 AM
bump. anyone?

04-16-08, 12:17 PM
Not 100% sure but I believe at least one member here did that. Maybe Bill will step in and let us know if he has done this mod to any trucks.

04-24-08, 12:17 PM
bump again... would really like to see if this is possible. I went to my dealer and requested the VCI and he thought I meant updating the VCM (vehicle control module). He also said he had not heard of this update for the seats. I am sure someone knows something about whether this is possible. He says if its something under warranty he may not charge me, otherwise probably $100.

anyone know anything?