: purchasing question

03-07-06, 06:40 PM
hey guys,

in the market for new 06 cts-v for a project build up. Through my research i have seen invoice pricing of $46,367.63 + $720 dest charge,. Not interested in any dealer add ons. Just the basics, as everything will be shortly upgraded at our shop.

My question is how come some of the dealers are claiming base invoice pricing of $49,100 and say the difference is a "marketing/advertising fee" or some other b/s.

I want to pay $500 over actual invoice + T/T/L, which several of my connections have agreed to however their invoice pricing seems to be inflated due to this advertising fee, which i have never heard of.. I would think this is a fair negotiation especially since i see some posts saying not to pay over invoice for the vehicle.

Also does the 06 have a better/stronger or upgraded rear from the weak 04/05's I hear so much about? or is it just a dealer installed anti hop bushing?


Blue Puma
03-07-06, 07:09 PM
Well, GMS price (employee of GM) black/black no options is $45,642.38. GM Supplier employee price is $47,692.91 Sticker is $51,395.00. You'd need a letter for either of those discounts. Given that, I think your estimate of 46.3 k is a bit low right now. But incentives to get rid of the 06 remainders are on the way... Govern yourself accordingly...!:cool2:

You probably won't see the real invoice price, and it's kind of irrelevant anyway. They have an invoice with funny math for the public, and one for the business....:alchi:

03-08-06, 09:27 AM
i paid $46.3 back in december for my 06 infared...

03-08-06, 11:05 AM
There is advertising charges on every GM vehicle... I can put a copy of an invoice if you would like... do you have the last 8 of the vin # of the car that you are looking at????

03-08-06, 11:07 AM
2006 Cts-v Cadillac Motor Car Division
41u Black Raven /v8g General Motors Corporation
195 Ebony 100 Renaissance Center
Order No. Jmxw6n/tre Stock No. Detroit Mi 48243-1114
Vin 1g6 Dn57 Ux 60156275 Vehicle Invoice 6ad19656184
************************************************** *************12*37034s
Model & Factory Options Msrp Inv Amt Retail - Stock
6dn69 Cts-v 50675.00 46874.38 Invoice 11/18/05
Fe9 50-state Emissions N/c N/c Shipped 11/18/05
Ls2 Ls2 6.0l V8 Engine N/c N/c Exp I/t 11/22/05
M12 Tremec 6-speed Manual Trans N/c N/c Int Com 11/22/05
1sa Cts-v Standard Package N/c N/c Prc Eff 11/18/05
Keys Xxxxx Xxxxx
Wfp-s Qtr Opt-1
Bank: Gmac - 154
Chg-to 37-034

Ship Wt: 3779
Hp: 51.2
Gms: 46149.13
Supplr: 48222.47
Mrm: 51395.00
Memo 2458.75

Total Model & Options 50675.00 46874.38 Act 231 46074.13
Destination Charge 720.00 720.00 H/b 261 1520.25
Lam Dealer Contribution 506.75 Adv 261 506.75
Lam Group Contribution 506.75 Exp 65a 506.75

Total 51395.00 48607.88 Pay 310 48607.88
Memo: Total Less Holdback And
Approx Wholesale Finance Credit 46327.50
************************************************** *********************
Invoice Does Not Reflect Dealer's Ultimate Cost Because Of Manufacturer
Rebates, Allowances, Incentives, Holdback, Finance Credit And Return To
Dealer Of Advertising Monies, All Of Which May Apply To Vehicle.
************************************************** *********************
This Motor Vehicle Is Subject To A Security Interest Held By Gmac.

03-08-06, 12:54 PM
thanks blackcts-v,

that invoice is more or less identical to what my source faxed me.. I dont know how guys are paying $46.3 for example unless they are GMS pricing or on a special program. Maybe thats b4 destination, lam add ons, etc. From what i gather the gm incentives are not available on the "V", due to its popularity and limited production. Probably just more marketing hype, but its kind of hard to argue when the dealer has the upper hand of what they will let the vehicle go for.

Anyways, does anyone know what the difference is on the '06 rear diff from the previous models?

thanks again for the help.

03-08-06, 01:41 PM
What's up? I recognize the name from the SyTy site.

I have been hanging around cadillacforums reading for almost a year now. I actually am looking for a used 2005 myself.

Good Luck!

03-08-06, 02:05 PM
haha.. small world huh? yeh, looking for a new test mule ;-)

Been getting into the LS based motors lately.. BTW we weighed a complete motor and the Ls1 was 50lbs lighter then the 4.3! It's just too easy to make 550rwhp on a stock LS2 with a supercharger and tuning.