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03-07-06, 06:25 PM
Hi everybody. Just wanted to stop in and introduce myself. This looks like a great forum with very nice people. Cant wait to learn more and meeting new people.

I guess I'll introduce myself now.

My names David. I live in Vancouver, WA in the northwest. I'm 23 yrs old. Work at a CPA/Accounting firm. I am the office manager/accountant there.

I just got married last April 2005. And just last weekend, I sold my Expedition and bought my dream SUV, which is the 2002 Escalade. It is the White Diamond color and the suv only has 40,000 miles! I plan on throwing on some 24s.

I will post pics soon. :)

Nice to meet you all.

terrible one
03-07-06, 09:49 PM
Welcome to the forums!

03-09-06, 10:27 AM
Welcome David!

Glad to have you as a new member! The Escalade section is a very active one, many experienced members in there. Good luck!

03-09-06, 04:57 PM
From one new member to another - Welcome aboard! And grats on getting your dream SUV! :D


03-11-06, 02:47 PM
:welcome: DLE,

Good luck with your Escalade, and congrats. I am sure you are in love with it.