: Deadline

03-17-03, 08:36 PM
Gotta say i'm pretty pleased Saddam's deadline falls on the same day i'll be traveling to New York for the first time...NOT

03-17-03, 09:31 PM
I'm just happy that it's finally here! He needs to GO!!!

03-17-03, 09:38 PM
I agree! It;s long overdue & God knows I don't want our soldiers to have to go on the frontlines...but this is gone on way to long!:(

03-17-03, 09:42 PM
yep...if we can make our country even a little bit safer AND get rid of an obvious jackass at the same time...im all for it

03-17-03, 09:44 PM
Just be careful Brett, I want to talk to you not about you!

03-17-03, 09:47 PM
im sure ill be more aware of my surrondings than usual...but hey ill just be one of several million who are there everyday so im not worried

03-17-03, 09:58 PM
Yeah, We thought about it a lot on the way to Hawaii a couple of weeks ago! But it would have been a wild ride if anyone had tried anything with the crew that I had with me on that plane! Of course the day we left there was a heightened alert for flights to Hawaii because there was supposedly intellegence to the effect that they wanted to hit Pearl Harbor or some other American Icon!

03-17-03, 10:05 PM
i think ive stated in the past my enormous size so anyone trying anything on a plane im on...wont survive the experience

03-17-03, 10:06 PM

03-17-03, 10:23 PM
Hmm.....big guys RULE!!!!!!! hehehehe

Chuck C
03-17-03, 11:43 PM
I'm hopin it's quick, swift, and that our troops get home alright. Then I hope the nations that didn't back us see how much of a positive difference that removing the 'thugs and killers' made ;)

03-18-03, 07:51 AM
Yeah, I sure hope that's the case. I think the President's message was really good last night, and straight to the point. That's more than we've gotten in the past 8 years! I'm glad we have someone in charge that will own up to the responsibility rather than turn away from the heat, but I guess that's another discussion for another forum. :)

03-18-03, 08:41 AM
The only power I have is my purchase power and I'm not gonna use it to their benefit.

03-18-03, 09:32 AM
Im not so annoyed with Germany as they have a lot of reasons to shun military conflict...France on the other hand didnt just stand against us, they sent ambassadors to other countries to lobby against us as well...that is not the act of a friend. Disagree with us fine, but leave it at that.

03-18-03, 09:43 AM
What's interesting is these countries who are vowing to veto any type of military action on the floor of the security council seemingly have nothing to lose by doing so. Nobody's bombing the Kremlin. Nobody's flying planes into the Eiffel Tower or Arc d'Triumph (or however it's spelled). They're killing Americans, and we're obviously the only ones who care (us and the British).

Kudos and props (or whatever the young'uns say) to Tony Blair for taking a stand for us, and for upholding the promise of past security council resolutions...a committment that the rest of the European countries still need to own up to, regardless of whether or not they care about more Americans dieing. They're quick to sign up to "severe consequences" if Saddam doesn't disarm, but when it comes time to pay the bill so-to-speak, where are they?

03-18-03, 09:48 AM
France is and always has been a nation of cowards for the most part! We've bailed their asses out so many times it's not even funny. Did you ever go there on vacation? They treat Americans like crap! They act like you're lucky to be there! I mean really, Paris smells like a mens room 'cause they piss all over everything. They were lucky that we gave them the respect that we did by considering their worthless opinion in the first place! I saw on the news last night that France is already starting to feel the impact of Americans that are refusing to but their products! Keep up the good work! As forthe Germans....They were with us in the gulf war. I believe that was a military conflict! If you are going to hide behind a philosophical principal, a little consistency would be nice! So, I.M.O. Screw Germany too!

03-18-03, 09:51 AM
i cant disagree with that...Gremany has sent Patriot missle batteries to Israel and would more than likely get more involved if Israel were attacked

03-18-03, 09:53 AM
in one respect the french have made a decision i had much easier. I was considering the Infiniti FX45 for my wifes next car, but now im gonna wait for the SRX

03-18-03, 09:58 AM
I've heard that Pugeot sales are way down.....Although I could never see why anyone bought them in the first place!

03-18-03, 10:23 AM
My dad has no love for the frenchies. He can confirm what KC said about how they treat Americans. We should have waited until after Germany leveled the country before saving them. He was stationed in Germany in 1954, took a road trip to France just for some sight-seeing ( thats what he called it back then ;) )They treated him like crap cause he was an American GI. As soon as we saved them in WWII They kicked us out without so much as a ty. We all know that history repeats itself right......so next time Germany crosses the Rhine I say let the French try and stop them cause we shouldn't help them.

03-18-03, 12:06 PM
I was just up in Canada this weekend for a swim meet, and there were 2 french Canadian teams and they all were very standoffish towards us and drew peace signs on their backs with markers, so I put on a USMC shirt and then wrote that on my shoulder, I dont think they liked it very much. Its ok though, we won.


03-18-03, 12:11 PM
By the way, that wasnt meant to be anti-Canadian, just against the Montreal and Quebec teams, all the other Canadian teams were really friendly to us.


03-18-03, 12:26 PM
I like it! The French Canadians have been snobbish towards Americans for years. I've had many business dealings with them and most of it has been tedious at best! If they're system is so superior, Why do they come to the states for medical treatment when they can instead of dealing with the socialist system that they're stuck with up there? The amazing thing is....We have people here that want to initiate the same nonsense here! It's frightening and sad how many of our freedoms we will willingly risk for a little personal security!....Very little!