: Transmisson monitor??

03-06-06, 11:46 PM
Ok, so far ive used the oil level monitor, by accident when wife parked on a steep side hill, and the coolant level monitor, coolant is leaking somewhere by waterpump.

I just now realized i have a tranny dipstick and i put 2 quarts in it to fill it. Where the hell is the monitor for that?? I havent seen any red leaks and i have had the car over a year. So ive been driving around with 2 quarts shy the whole time!! IS this really bad or does the thing hold some 12 quarts and im ok??

Also, i was just at centennial wy, snowmobiling. It would be nice to know the tranny temp since it took some 20 minutes of driving straigh up hill to get to the lodge. The car was smoking when i got to the top, but i now know it was coolant leaking. Is there a trans temp anywhere??

03-07-06, 02:02 AM
Did you check the trans ideling in park? It will show low if not. There is no trans temp indicator, but i believe it will reduce the trans fluid life if it overheats.

03-07-06, 08:54 AM

I knew that!!!!