: 96 STS engine swap

03-05-06, 10:49 PM
Heres a few pics of my 96 sts torn down because of bad head gaskets, getting a redone sts motor put on that i bought for it. if anyone needs pics of anything special let me know.


03-05-06, 10:52 PM
oh yea heres the difference between having the fuel rail recall done and having the original, note the all steel fuel rail versues the steel and platic one, of course my car had the steel one the motor i bought had the old plastic one!

03-05-06, 11:09 PM
hey man gl your def off to a killer start

03-06-06, 12:00 AM
havin a blast, doin what i love tinkering!!! and keepin the sts out of the snow!!

03-06-06, 12:29 AM
lol understandable man but these Caddys pull pretty damn good in the snow

03-06-06, 07:01 AM
i know but its so nice and clean now, i hate to go mess it all up getting dirty!! LOL

03-06-06, 10:28 AM
i know the feeling especally yours being diamond white lol

03-06-06, 01:21 PM
hey what are you doing with your old N*?

03-06-06, 01:42 PM
probably nothing for now but sticking it in the corner and getting the parts to fix it then putting it into an s10 maybe, something fun!!

03-06-06, 02:24 PM
seriously if i were you id drop it in that 92 Z/28 of yours if herd of them in F-Bodys and they roll like you wouldnt believe

03-07-06, 06:27 AM
Hey thats my motor your using! LOL LOL LOL Looks great !!

03-07-06, 10:04 PM
LOL, yea the guy i got it from went to pick it up with a forklift and cracked the oil pan!! i got a new one off ebay and am waiting for it to arrive, i ended up getting the motor for 450 and he gave the the alternator off the car, coil packs, mass air sensor, powersteering pump, tons of extra stuff too, worked out pretty good and he was about an hour drive for me

03-07-06, 10:45 PM
Not bad! I wouldn't mind a spare northstar sitting around for some performance mods... $450 is a steal

03-07-06, 11:40 PM
well it had the heads redone, machined valve job, new seals, new headgaskets, fix block holes as well, new water pump and gaskets, plus all the extras i got with it, it was a steal for 450, hell that just buying the time sert tool for me to do it myslef!! i still plan to fix the old motor i pulled as well though, and the motor i got has been run a couple miles since rebuilt i so i know its right, turned out to be a computer problem for the guy and everywhere he went they said headgasket, so he fixed it, and the problem remained, so he got another motor from wrecked deville and it made no difference thats when he figured it out to be a computer problem, he replaced his ecu and it was fine!

03-12-06, 10:09 PM
just got home with the car runs great, new motor is a happy camper, and seems to be perfect, nice to not have an overheating car !!!

03-12-06, 10:28 PM
Good Job!! Best of Luck

03-13-06, 06:37 AM
thanx did you get a motor for yours yet? i saw a few on ebay yesterday one was a 96 as i remember