: George from SoCal

03-05-06, 10:25 PM
My name is George and have wanted to get a CTS-V for awhile now. I am now in the position where I can buy one. There are alot of things I need to find out about the diffrent years. I know the 06 come with the 6.0L vs the 5.7 in previous years. Other than that I dont know any differences. I was thinking about a 04 or 05 used CTS-V but now I dont know with the newer motor avaliable.

Im a FORD guy! I have a 2003 Cobra but now I want something diffrent and Ford doesnt offer anything like a CTS-V.... Any help of info would be appreciated!

Many Thanks!

03-05-06, 10:33 PM
Welcome, I'm a die-hard Chevy & GM guy and despise Fords! :) I drive a CTS (3.6L) daily and am learning about the V's (love them). There are some subtle differences in the CTS-V years, so do some research on this and other forums. Good luck!