: Cd Player Help.

03-05-06, 04:37 PM

I Know i have posted this before but its seems to work then not work idk what to think. Well here it is. I have a 98 catera with bose system one day the cdplayer stoped working it would read 1 out of every 50 or so cds i try to play. so i took it out off the dase looked at it didnt notice ang thing wrong so i put it back then out of no were its working like a champ. about one month go by and then it stops again. try the same thing again no luck. does any one know what would be the problem or should i get a new unit or some thing? AS of now its the stock bose unit cd player in dash.

Any help would be great................i cant take the radio any more :thehand:

Thank you

03-05-06, 07:31 PM
The only thing with the new factory HU would be the Theftlock. It reads the VIN number programmed in the computer or some BS therfore the new stereo would need to be programmed I suspect...

I read in another post you can get by all that hassle and disconnect the batt for 1 hr.. I dont know if this works?? who knows..

03-05-06, 08:53 PM

My radio does have theft lock. Should i try to disconect the battery? or is there a code like some other new cars that when the battery comes undone the radio doesnt work? Idk just a thought maybe i will try the battery thing in the moring