: Cat-a-Tonic - Assistance Needed with CD Changer

03-04-06, 10:47 PM
Cat-a-Tonic, I see you suggested a way to get the CD Changer cartridge out of the CD Changer. I removed my CD Changer, took it apart (the casing) and I can not find the "release catch" that you spoke of. I am trying to get the CD magazine out.

There is a CD stuck in the player portion, but all the trays are in the magazine. Any help with telling me where I can find the magazine release is greatly appreciated.


03-08-06, 06:52 PM
Hey Ondale! Just want you to know this is from logic gleened from other cd players.
1) I believe the tray should still have the cd in it even if it's the cd being played.
Can you move the cd back onto the tray?
There should be an arm that hooks the appropriate tray/cd and pulls it between the read head and the capstans that spin the cd.)

2) the whole cassette should come out when the loading door is opened all the way. There has to be a latch mechanism at the far right side of the changer that the sliding door has to trip to pop-up the cassette. look there.
You shoukd be able to follow a linkage to a spring loaded cam that lift the cassette.
Again this is just "best guess."

That's enough for now, I gotta go. Let me know how you're doing, okay?

Jerry O