: Problems with N* arise

01-06-04, 07:37 PM
This is a very broad ? but around what mileage do general N* problems arise out of a cadillac? I have a 1997 concours. And the only thing I can think of that my car has a problem with is it sucks down oil after an oil change.

01-06-04, 08:01 PM
Usually most things seem to occur around the 70-110k range.... Some earlier, some later, some none at all...... Mid life crisis if you will!! :D

01-06-04, 09:29 PM
This is a copy of a post from another website. It was written by a Northstar engineer-

"Cadillac: 2003 DeVille

Joe....sounds like your rings were stuck due to carbon buildup. This can happen due to the type of oil, type of fuel and ,primarily, the driving schedule. The Northstar engine is designed to be run hard. It is a high performance engine and can be "babied" to death. An occasional dose of wide open throttle accel (those wot merging maneuvers on the freeway are excellent opportunities) will keep the carbon cleaned out and will keep the rings moving and free. The engine will actually last longer and be healthier for the occasional wot.

The noise is likely the cold carbon rap caused by carbon buildup in the combustion chambers. The carbon touches the piston and causes the piston to "rock" or slap. This is always more evident when the engine is cold as the piston is cold and has more clearanace to the bore. The noise is harmless. To eliminate the noise and to keep it from coming back do an occasional wot accelleration as stated above....

The first few times you'll do the full throttle accels you'll undoubtably notice some smoke and "dust" from the exhaust. This is normal when the car has been babied too much. Do the 0-60 full throttle accels until the exhaust is clean and then keep it that way."

My 01 SLS has only 13,500 miles and I was using about 1qt of oil every 600 miles. Dealer said they decarbonized the engine and that it would take care of the problem. Now it uses 1qt every 2000 miles, which seems a lot to me. Has anyone else had this problem? What is the fix?

Also, on start-up cold engine, I here a knock in the engine until it warms up. Once the engine warms up, the knock goes away. Anybody have an answer.
Thanks, Joe (Ft. Lauderdale)