: SRT-8 Vs. CTS-V (the definitive thread)

03-04-06, 09:54 AM
There have been more threads about this subject than any other I can remember on the Cadillac boards.
The same people post the same statements every time. No one is convinced of anything. So, for once and for all:

Somerandomnewmember: CTS-V or SRT-8? Which is better/faster/cooler/reliable?
Katshot: I seen an SRT run 12's!
Sandy: Bah. Both are too small. <starts off on some rant about the good ol' days>
Rolex: SRT-8 Jeep is the best. I like the abominations.
RobertCTS: Does either have a spoiler? I vote spoiler.
Katshot: No V can run 12's!
Deuuuce: SRT-8! (I joined this forum just to say that)
CVP33: I kept blowing diffs out of the V, so decided it was better to get a car that shifted for me.
wildwhl: Oh, CVP33... <swoons> I love it when you talk about your rearend...
thebigjimsho: I learned my lesson with the Taurus. Now I want to shift! CTS-V.
StealthV: SRT can't beat a modded V
Sandy: <finishes reminiscing about the land yachts of yore>
Florian: I'll take all you all in my V! <foams at the mouth>
Blackout: <disagrees with everything said above and claims whatever he happens to be driving this month is the best>
Katshot: 12's, I say! 12's!
mccombie_5: I prefer my Phaeton, but my wife has been looking to import one or the other...
elwesso: Imports? The Q45 is god.
Playdrv4me: BMW
Jesda: <some witty remark meaning he concurs with both>
DaveSmed: Yeah, I miss my e30.
Katshot: 12's!!!!!
Stoneage_Caddy: This belongs in versus, not the lounge. <moves thread>
gothicaleigh: :stirpot:


I know I didn't get to everyone, but I'm sure you could pick any member of the forum and be able to quote their response on the subject by now.

Love you guys. :cloud9:

03-04-06, 11:01 AM

Jonas McFeely
03-04-06, 11:46 AM
LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.Ive only been here 3 weeks and that is probably the funniest thing ive seen yet.Its sooooooo true.

03-05-06, 05:51 AM
That sounds about right, sadly.

03-05-06, 07:31 AM
Did you know that SRT-8's do 12's?! ;)

03-06-06, 06:14 PM
Huh? My SHO was a manual shift, too.

03-06-06, 08:58 PM
1995 Ford Taurus GL's are the best cars ever made period!:rant2:

03-12-06, 02:15 AM

03-12-06, 03:21 PM
Here's another one of those stock, slow ass 300C SRT-8's turning another disappointing 12.67 @ 110+mph. :eek: Damn. I sure miss my CTS-V with CAI, headers, X-Pipe and tuned PCM turning 13.3's. Not that was fast. :thehand: