: ***FREE*** S. Cal V owners.. anyone need decent stock Goodyears F1's??

03-04-06, 12:44 AM

If yours are bald and you want some decent F1's, they are yours for FREE. Let me know ASAP as these tires are going to dissapear on Wednesday. I'll take your worn out F1's. New Yok's will be in.

03-04-06, 09:14 AM
Swap for bald or balding tires.

03-04-06, 04:13 PM
Are they still available and what part of So Cal you in?

03-04-06, 05:15 PM
I'll be in Temecula on Tuesday, will that work for you?

03-04-06, 07:00 PM
Email me a phone number and I'll call with the info/situation.


03-04-06, 08:49 PM

03-08-06, 03:41 AM
Hey, 10 sec. I just got home late and did not want to call at this time (12:30a.m.) I had some trouble with my tires on the way home from Temecula today and I am going to have to get to the Goodyear dealer in the morning. The two in the back were bald and the right front has developed a leak. Thanks for your offer but I better just bite the bullet and get all four new. Hope your deal works out good for you, and I will call you in the morning. Thanks again.........