: Lucerne The Best Buick Cadillac Ever Made

03-03-06, 11:24 PM
So has anyone herd that the all new Buicks getting the Cadillac 275 HP N*?

03-04-06, 01:39 PM
Yes. Have you heard that it's just last year's Deville with a different body and interior?

03-05-06, 05:53 AM
This years Deville is just last year's Deville with a slightly different body and interior...

03-30-06, 10:47 AM
its just like a twin brother of the DTS just like the Lincolns Town car's twin brother is the Grand marquis. Just that you get the name with Lincoln and cadillac with a little few bells and whisles

04-02-06, 12:26 PM
It is a Seville clone, with a svelte body, and new features like heated windshield wipers. This car should have been named Electra 4.6! GM needs a massive change in leadership if it is to survive. GM has so few drivers, or imagination, they rely on dissipated old men, no passion, or vision.

Look at the upcoming Lexus LS 460 375 hp, 8 speed automatic transmission, and 26 combined MPG, for $58K. What do they believe will continue to sell the smallish Cadillac STS? The V-line is for another type of customer, one that has multiple cars, this is a domestic runner for the weekdays.

To create something special, one has to identify automotive "core" values, safety, comfort, efficiency, reliability, and long service life. Does this sound like Lexus, you bet it does!

04-04-06, 07:25 PM
Why is buick still around, when a guy can walk up to you in your 2 year old caddy DHS and say my buick is better than you caddy somthing is wrong.
the genral still need to slim down and trim somemore fat.
maybe then they can afford to pay for all new tecno gizmo engine for all the brands they would have left.:hitstick:

04-05-06, 11:45 PM
Have you guys actually seen and sat in both of these things, heard what the sound like, the ride quality?

Let just say the new DTS is actually on pace, and for what its ment to be (lots of room that can still move at a decent clip) its nearly the best out there. The craftmanship on it is at or above Lexus.

The Lucerne has the common Buick traits of cheaper materials and ride. Its a great car but to say its better than the 2000-2005 cars..well you have a point, but then you fall back on the materials and such. I must admit the lack of any chrome on the 2000-2005's made them look cheap. One reason why my father and I have held off and remained in the 98' Deville.

A six speed automatic transmission is nearly pointless in the DTS role. I don't see how that in anyway is helpful to the DTS (smooth quite ride with even acceleration, have you ever found that when you put your foot on the gas you wanted another gear?). The DTS is rated at 25 MPG highway btw. Plus 275hp/295ft-lbs is a fair amount of power for a front wheel drive vehicle.

Also remember this car fills one role, that of front wheel drive, full-size, luxury sedan. That is extent almost everywhere but the US. If someone was looking for performance and decent space they would indeed look to the STS, which is actually close in size the to Lexus you mentioned, and also Rear wheel drive, and out powers it, and has a 6-speed. In all honestly Lexus does not have a car that directly competes with the DTS.

04-06-06, 01:58 PM
Lucerne...isn't that a brand of dairy products? I think of yoghurt when I hear that name...

04-08-06, 12:58 PM
I think the name Lucerne is a marketing error. The only other "Lucerne" was the real last name of the legendary film star Joan Crawford "Lucille Lucerne." The new Buick should have been named "Electra 4.6." A little history with new flair.