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03-03-06, 02:26 PM
I'm wondering if anyone has a mod which will "fool" the V's navigation program into thinking the vehicle is stopped even when it is still moving.

I was driving to north Sacramento yesterday and neither my passenger nor I knew where we were going and it was a pain in the A$$ having to stop to plug in the address when he could have easily entered it as we continued on our merry way.

BTW - The drive from SF to Sacto was the longest I've taken in the V and I loved it! The B&B exhaust wasn't intrusive, the car was wonderful at 90+, and the seating was terrific!

03-03-06, 05:58 PM
It it to my understanding that it can't be done without compromising other settings or devices in the car. I believe the navigation system using the cars speed pulse to determine how fast the car is going, when to lock the navigation screen up, and other settings such as stabillitrack...etc. I believe you can't interfere with the vehicles speed pulse. Or at least that is what my business partner whom owns a big stereo shop said.

<Begin Random Comment> Did you know that in the 06 CTS-V's that if you put more than 132 pounds of weight in the trunk, your check engine light will come on, and Stabillitrack will start acting up? </End Random Comment>

03-04-06, 01:17 PM
132 pounds humm, I guess Tony Soprano and his "boys" won't be driving Vs.