View Full Version : raced a C6 convertible

03-02-06, 07:18 PM
I was driving yesterday and saw a C6 convertible turn onto a ramp to enter a highway. So I decided to follow him and and soon as he saw me he punched it right off the ramp. I anticipated this and acccelerated practically at the same time. Conclusion: I was on his arse for about 10 seconds and then we both let go off the gas due to traffic. I took the next exit and went home and as I passed the older man driving and his son were gawking at me. Must of been an automatic convertible. He didn't even pull on me at all.

The only thing done to my car is a K&N drop in filter and a voltage stabilizer both which do nothing (lol). :bouncy: Soon I will have a Magnaflow and a power tune, wonder what that will do.