: Caddy 2000 new paint

03-02-06, 11:08 AM
Hey all, first off I would like to say, love the forum. I just found it today and already I have found a ton of useful information. Very cool. With that being said I have a question on a few things that I had trouble finding while searching the forums. My girlfriends birthday is comming up and we (well....she) has a 2000 Escalade. I am sure the 2000's were based off of the Denali body type, correct? Anyway, I want to get her car painted for her. Right now it is standard factory black and, though it isn't in to bad of shape, little dings and scratches are starting to stand out a bit more. From a distance it looks almost showroom, but when you get close you can tell it has been driven, a lot. My question is, about how much would it cost to get the thing stripped and painted a differant color? I am pretty sure that would take care of all the minor scratches and what not. Though the car is scratched a bit there is not one little ding or dent. I work in a heavy tractor and trailor shop and have access to setting up an apointment but, to have the people come out and asses the car cost a flat rate of $100.00. Just to look at the car they are going to charge that much. I figure if i ask you guys how much it would cost just to do the whole deal I can go to them and say just do it and not have to worry about little assessment fees as well as get some advice on what brands of paint to use. I am torn between Neon Pink, Candy Pink, or some sort of Chamelion (sp?) type paint. I have no experience in getting a car painted so don't burn me up to bad.

Thanks in advance!!!

03-02-06, 02:09 PM
It depends if you want the hinges painted as well. If so, if may cost a bit more. Paint jobs can cost from 6 g's to 40 g's. I got a recent quote of 40 g's for a paint job we were thinking about laying out accross our Escalade. And thats inexpensive considering the artwork they were going to do. I decided after all that I did not want that and declined their quote. But i've also had quotes in the past for other cars around $2,000. I guess it just depends on the body shop that is going to do it.

You don't want it to look cheap though. Theres an Escalade that rolls around my area. Its got a custom roll pan, the emblems were removed everywhere. Its completly stock besides the rollpan. They painted EVERYTHING yellow. From the stock grill to anything you can imagine on the outside. Now its being repainted to lime green. My point is... if you don't have it done right, then it will look cheap.

Good luck however and definetely post pictures when its been done.

Steve K
03-02-06, 03:43 PM
Best thing to do is to go to a reputable body shop and get a quote. Ask family or friends if they know of a good body shop that they been at. Get a 2-3 quotes, ask to see examples of thier work or if they have a recently completed car that has had a complete paint job. Finding the right shop to do the job is important. You want a place that is reputable, will give you the attention and advice that you need, and is open to this type of job. Not all bodyshops do complete paint jobs. Good luck. Also, have some ideas of what type of color you want for your truck, remember when you change the color of the vehicle, you also need to paint inside the door jambs, under the lift gate, underside of the hood, etc. Good luck.

03-03-06, 01:30 AM
Hey where are yhou located at? i know of quite a few good shops in So Cal. Most reputable shops to do an escalade will charge around 6-10g's depending on if you want motor pulled and engine bay sprayed, door jams, glass pulled out, new moldings etc. Painting a car is lots and lots of hard work. taking it to a cheap dirty shop will result in cheap paint job. If you want a bright color go with HOUSE of Kolor. i think house of kolor is a valspar product not 100% sure. Chameleon will cost you alot b/c the paint is more expensive. i think 10g's for chameleon would be around the starting. Remeber size of the truck, time to paint and the amount of prep involved. my show integra cost me 4 g's to do. Won many shows in paint categories. ive also seen the shop do paint jobs for 800 and they wont last 3 months. Good luck, ive done many paint jobs and i will give you any advise i wihs i knew before having the car painted . i ended up painting it 3 times b4 i got it right.

U can also ask body shop if you pay the 100 will they apply it to your paint job/