: Cadillac still looking for international volume

03-01-06, 12:05 PM
American dealers should pay close attention to Cadillac's efforts to pump up sales in Europe, China and elsewhere, Taylor said, because overseas sales can be decisive in getting products approved for the United States.
Cadillac had to regain its reputation in its home market before it could win credibility with overseas buyers and -- equally importantly -- overseas dealers, he said. But gaining volume, especially with the entry-luxury compact BLS in Europe, is a more realistic possibility now, he says.

"The international volume for us is really key," he added.

Taylor said he has three other priority items on his to-do list:

(1) Fixing the SRX. Cadillac's Sigma-based crossover has been well regarded, winning enthusiast-magazine praise for its handling, but sales have been weak. Taylor said Cadillac will re-launch it this summer with a multimedia campaign that will tout a new interior and a sport version. But longer term, the vehicle's extended station-wagon look that allows for a third row of seats needs to be modified to give it a clearer crossover personality, he said.

(2) Getting an X3 fighter. Cadillac wants to battle BMW's small crossover. It's hunting for a platform because the niche "probably is the next target area for us," Taylor said.

(3) Reviving the ultra-luxury sedan proposal. Cadillac has long wanted to bring a $100,000-plus sedan to market. But, Taylor conceded, GM's current financial problems have put the project on hold.

"It's a nice-to-have," he said, "but not critical."

03-03-06, 04:56 PM
come on Fleetwood....