: 45K mile service, is it necessary?

Spittin Game
03-01-06, 01:42 AM
Im coming up on 45,000 miles and I am getting letters from the dealer saying that I need to go in to get the service done. Is it really necessary? I read what they do and it doesnt seem like its worth forking over hundreds of $ for. I just got my oil changed and they checked all the fluids. Dont they pretty much just do the oil change, check fluids, lube some stuff, alignment and rotate tires?

03-01-06, 09:59 AM
I think you may have to do this to keep it under warranty....maybe?

Spittin Game
03-01-06, 02:11 PM
My warranty is up in exactly 30 days, so not a biggy with that.

Spittin Game
03-02-06, 04:10 PM
anyone know???

03-02-06, 04:59 PM
Forget the letters, the dealer just wants your money. Besides, you don't have to take it in for service to keep it under warranty because service isn't even included. If you take it in they will charge you for the inspection (probably $120) or if you get an oil change done they'll do an inspection for free. I got letters pretty much starting at 15k all the way till now.

Just do everything by the book ie your owner's manual and you'll be fine. In fact the owner's manual is probably a tad overkill but whats a couple hundred bucks vs major problems in the long run? I'd suggest finding a reputable mechanic (oxymoron) or someone you can trust to not screw you in the a-hole and have them inspect or check your car at 60, 75, 100k miles etc.
Keep up on your oil changes, fuel filter change, do a trans flush (complete flush) at 50k, rear differential flush, spark plugs, check tires & rotate, brakes and you should be fine. Anything else is pretty much luck of the draw as far as breaking down. You just never know with cars if your check engine light goes on, ac breaks, front gives out etc.

03-03-06, 01:34 AM
HEy skeeter's lol, sorry, i would drive your car around with a buddy with a good ear and some patience and listen to everything in your truck. if anything is wrong make a list and have it warrantied before your warranty runs out. honestly it could be the best thing you do. Like these guys said its your call to use the dealership or a reputalbe shop. sometimes its easier to use the dealership if they are good than trying to find a good mechanic.

Good luck.