: RARE car.....

Night Wolf
02-28-06, 11:24 PM
I remember hearing about these... only a handful were made...

http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Cadillac-Seville-stationwagon-1979-Cadillac-Station-Wagon-Brougham_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ6151QQitemZ461 7309838QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVW

02-28-06, 11:33 PM
Thats pretty neat, kinda a precursor to the SRX :p

03-01-06, 12:10 AM
Most of the ones I've seen were pre-77s.

But a 79 wagon... imagine the sleeper quality that would have with a stout 500 in there :)

DopeStar 156
03-01-06, 01:11 AM
Do it Rick do it!!!

03-01-06, 01:51 AM
Yeah that'd be an interesting replacement for your '79. :D

03-01-06, 09:45 AM
As far as I know, NONE were made by the factory. These cars were done by coachbuilders for specific customers, and back in those days, there was little or no quality control on them. The coachbuilders did pretty much whatever they wanted to. Some were made fairly well while others were total junk. Beware when you buy one.

03-01-06, 02:45 PM
It'd make a cool surf wagon. But I'd ditch the padded top.

03-01-06, 06:00 PM
I love those Caddy station wagon conversions. I've seen some as old as 1950's models. Given all the hearses these coachbuilders make, making a regular station wagon shouldn't be a big deal for them. A guy I work with has a 1987 Brougham station wagon. I got to look at it up close, it's basically a GM wagon body from the C-pillar back. He thinks it was done by ASC, as far as I know he's still researching it. But none were ever made by Cadillac.

03-01-06, 11:54 PM
When you look at one... it looks like they started with a 4 door car... cut the c pillar down then the top of the trunk... and put the back of a wagon on... Caprice, Pontiac, or Buick.. The upper backs. I looks like length wise is no differnt from a sedan. The insides were the same too. except leather. And the top... you can put a padded top on anything.


I remeber those... my mom had one. Whit with woodgrain. HAHA! But thats what they did. Probably go tthe metal and trim from GM

Night Wolf
03-02-06, 12:17 AM
Yeah, it was definitly a hack job.... I don't really like it... but its rare...