: Fuel Pump 95 SLS

02-28-06, 01:53 PM
Saturday before last, It's moving day and we're getting our one snow of the year. Jeep's dead in the driveway, my fiance on her way back to the house with a new battery. My car is covered in about 3in of snow so I start it up to get 'er good and warmed up. While thats warming up I'm putting the new battery in the jeep. 5 mins later I hear my car die. I try to restart with no success. Finally have to have my baby towed over to my new house a couple days later. I determine that I have a fuel problem. Change the fuel filter...nothing, get a gauge on the fuel rail...only 7 lbs of pressure. Dealer wants $460 for the new pump, Autozone's got it for $240.
I forgot what kind of power this N* has! I thought the 160K on the clock was the reason it seemed to be tired, nope... apparently I've been running on low fuel pressure for about a year till it just up and died. This thing will still light up the tires :) If your having drivability probs or just seems to be lacking power, do yourself a favor and check the fuel pressure.

03-04-06, 07:31 AM
It's been a week since changing the pump. My MPG has gone up by 4.5 miles/gallon.

03-04-06, 04:40 PM
i might replace my sending unit/pump assembly soon since i know the sending unit is screwed. might as well do both at once